Câmara de VRSA rescues work from the D. José I School to finish it «until the beginning of the second period»

Contractor was in default

The Vila Real de Santo António City Council terminated the contract with the company that was carrying out the work to replace the roof of the EB 2/3 D. José I School, due to «several delays and non-compliances», and will award the remainder of the works for another contractor, in order to conclude the intervention “until January 9th”, which is to say, before the beginning of the second term.

With this solution, the municipality hopes to guarantee «the best teaching conditions for all» and to ensure «the normal functioning of the school», according to the Chamber of VRSA.

In parallel, the municipality and the direction of the group "will survey all the damage caused by the project, including infiltration and other damage, in order to hold the contractor responsible and safeguard the repair of interior damage," he added.

The work should have been completed by the end of November, "but successive delays in the acquisition of material – by the contractor – prevented compliance with the stipulated deadlines and affected the course of the work".

"For these reasons, the Municipality of VRSA will apply all pecuniary and indemnity sanctions - for breach of contract - that prove to be relevant to face the damages already caused", warned the municipality.

The Chamber also guarantees that "it always complied with its obligations and demonstrated its openness to resolve the situation, namely through the graceful extension of the work for a period of 15 days."

The Contract for Replacing the Roof of the EB 2/3 D. José I School represents an investment of 116 thousand euros, plus VAT, and «aimed at removing all the asbestos components present in the structure and applying new materials».