VRSA Chamber and CCDR congratulate José Carlos Barros for Leya Award

The award jury distinguished José Carlos Barros' novel “As People Invisibles” among 732 originals in the competition

The Council of Vila Real de Santo António and the Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR) of the Algarve congratulated José Carlos Barros for the attribution, this Friday, 7th of December, of the Leya Prize to his book “As Pessoas Invisíveis”. 

In a note on social media, the Chamber of VRSA, of which José Carlos Barros was vice-president and where he is currently a councilor without portfolios, recalls that this is "one of the main awards" for "novels written in Portuguese".

As for the CCDR, he considers that this is a “meritable recognition” for José Carlos Barros who, in addition to being a poet and writer, is also a landscape architect.

The award jury distinguished José Carlos Barros' novel “As People Invisibles” among 732 originals in the competition, for its language work, mastery of a telluric orality contrasting with the wealth of vocabulary and historical-social references.

The work is «a journey through several times in the recent history of Portugal since the 40s of the XNUMXth century, passing through the ambition of gold, Salazar's position in the face of war, colonial war, the birth and the first years of democracy, narrated from an ambiguous character, Xavier, who acts as if he had a gift or as if he needed to believe that he had a gift».

José Carlos Barros was born in Boticas, but lives in Vila Nova de Cacela, in Vila Real de Santo António, municipality whose Chamber he was vice-president, elected by the PSD, on more than one occasion.

He was a member of the Portuguese Parliament for the Algarve, elected by the Social Democrats, from 2015 to 2019.

Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Évora, he has been working in the fields of land use planning and nature conservation. He was director of the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

He is the author, among others, of poetry books A Useless AbstractionAll Castaways, Theory of Forgetfulness, Small Depressions (with Otília Monteiro Fernandes) and Settlement Laws (also edited in Castilian). With Seven Epigones of Thebes, he won the 2009 Sebastião da Gama National Poetry Award. In 2003 he made his debut in prose with The Day the Sea Disappeared.

He has won several literary awards (especially the Sebastião da Gama National Poetry Prize, which was awarded to him twice) and his poetic texts are published in several countries.

Pleasure and Boredom was her first novel, followed by a friend for winter (Casa das Letras, 2013), with which he was a finalist for the LeYa Prize in 2012. His most recent books (poetry) are the following: The Use of Poisons, ed. Dead Tongue (2nd edition, 2018), Children's Education, ed. From the Left Side Publisher, 2020, Station – The Poems of DN Jovem, 1984-1989, ed. On and Va, 2020, and Penelope writes to Ulysses, Editions Caixa Alta, 2021.