Loulé Municipal Assembly approves CDU's proposal against tolls on Via do Infante

The proposal was approved two days after the 10th anniversary of the introduction of tolls in this ex-SCUT

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A motion demanding “the immediate abolition of tolls on Via do Infante, as well as the complete requalification of the EN 125”, presented by the CDU, was approved by a majority, with the abstention of the PSD, by the Municipal Assembly of Loulé.

The communists' proposal was voted on on December 10, two days after the tenth anniversary of the tolls on Via do Infante.

In the motion, the CDU points out that the introduction of this fee in what was, until December 8, 2011, a No Cost to the User (SCUT) route, "severely harmed" the Algarve, "constituting a factor in extortion of the wealth produced in the region, by the economic group that got the concession of this highway».

«Ten years of tolls that were a factor in delaying the development of the Algarve, aggravation of accidents (part of the traffic was diverted to the EN125), loss of competitiveness on the part of companies in the region and impoverishment of populations. The fact that this highway was built with public funds and is at the service of private accumulation makes the connivance of successive governments with this situation even more serious”, the motion reads.

“The CDU reaffirms its commitment not to give up on this just fight until the abolition of tolls on this important road in the Algarve region is a reality for all”, assures this political force.