9 projects by Startup Albufeira's new companies were stars at Quinta do Canhoto

«Albufeira is focused on leveraging dynamics related to innovation, research and development»

Nine projects by new companies linked to the tourism sector, conceived within the scope of Startup Albufeira, were presented on December 3rd, at Quinta do Canhoto. The moment also served to talk about the profile of the new tourist. 

A circular, creative economy using new technologies. This was the common focus of the nine projects presented, always taking into account tourism and creativity.

And what projects were these?

Namely: Our Pack (accessible experiences for students), Activ'Art (artistic experiences ranging from 'tours' to art-related workshops), Imaginatus (playful-sensorial activities that use the imagination as a source of personal development) , Wine Not (computer application with routes, prices and recommendations by specialists in oenology), Atelier Criativo (artistic residences for children and young people), Sal Sabe (restaurant with Cape Verdean cuisine), Ponto Nato Atelier (pieces of art from recycling and natural resources, already operating from Paderne), In'Art (playful and artistic experiences for children with special needs) and Quinta Coelho (potentiation of endogenous products from a farm in the parish of Guia, bequeathed by the grandparents, with emphasis on sustainability).

«Albufeira is focused on leveraging dynamics related to innovation, research and development and that is why our business incubator, Startup Albufeira, has two complementary poles», said Cristiano Cabrita, vice-president of the Chamber of Albufeira, who also did the opening honors of this meeting.

One of the poles is dedicated to Creativity and Tourism and is located at the CAE – Business Reception Centre, on Rua das Escolas, in Albufeira and the other, dedicated to Endogenous Products and Gastronomy, is already designed for Paderne, in the former 1st cycle school.

"East bootcamp it is part of this context and we leave here richer”, concluded Cristiano Cabrita, adding that he will “try to embrace the ideas presented here, as there is work in them and a sense of risk”.

In the end, he said that more actions in the field of entrepreneurship are planned for January.

The moment also included a conference moderated by the journalist Elisabete Rodrigues, director of Sul Informação, on the theme “The profile of the new tourist”, in which Alexandra Gonçalves, director of the Superior School of Management, Hotel and Tourism of the University of Algarve, João Paiva Mendes, executive director of Boost, and Miguel Neto, tourist entrepreneur, participated. grandfather was the founder of the Hotel Baltum, the first hotel in Albufeira.

«There was no definition of profile, given the volatility of tastes and options, but it was firmly established that it is important to define the positioning of the destination and how to keep it competitive in the next ten years», reports the municipality of Albufeires.

Alexandra Gonçalves pointed out the study recently developed in the region on creative tourism as opposed to mass tourism, economically benefiting the economy in rural areas. Miguel Neto pointed out the importance of proximity and communication in presence, even when digital media prevail, and João Paiva Mendes stressed that there is no “new profile”, but rather new ways of doing tourism and new motivations.

Carlos Abade, member of the board of directors of Turismo de Portugal, praised this initiative, leaving two messages. The first was “confidence”, pointing out that, after nearly 20 difficult months for companies in the sector, thanks to “the resilience and adaptation capacity” of the State and companies, “we can speak today of economic recovery”.

He explained: “€3,2 billion of support has been provided in the last year and a half, which has been essential to preserve productive and human capital. Looking at the second half of the year, we had the good surprises of seeing our ability to recover almost immediately».

The official has no doubts that “tourism has a promising future and a fundamental role”.

The second message was related to the presentation of new ideas for the sector.

Carlos Abade reiterated that “it is on innovation that productivity and efficiency must be based. It is not possible to grow if we are not always innovating. Albufeira innovated when it created this incubator».

Finally, Luís Matos Martins, responsible for Territórios Criativos, presented the entire afternoon program: «this first bootcamp it was dedicated to tourism and creativity” and “it was a leap of faith”.

«Entrepreneurship has always existed in Albufeira, but it is said that the future belongs to those who do it», he concluded.