Three Algarveans compete for the decisive rounds of the Portugal Masters

Ricardo Santos is in 30th place

Ricardo Santos (Warren Little/Getty Images)

The Algarve's Ricardo Santos, Vítor Lopes and Tomás Melo Gouveia passed the cut do Portuguese Masters in golf, which is taking place at the Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course, and will dispute the decisive rounds of the tournament.

At the beginning of the tournament, there were six Portuguese in the competition but Pedro Figueiredo, Filipe Lima and Pedro Clare Neves failed to be among the top 65, who will decide the winner this weekend.

Ricardo Santos is the top ranked Portuguese golfer, in 30th place. Italian Nino Bertasio leads.

Vítor Lopes and Tomás Gouveia both have 140 strokes and are in 37th place in the standings, tied with ten other players.

According to the event's organizers, in the first two rounds, the Portugal Masters already had 10.400 spectators.