Only 2% of self-employed workers in Europe are women

The entrepreneurs of the Eurocity of Guadiana came together to overcome the challenges of the cross-border space together

Only 2% of self-employed workers in Europe are women, which highlights the need to promote the inclusion of women in this sector, revealed Maria Angeles Benitez, director of the representation of the European Commission in Spain, at the opening of the meeting of women entrepreneurs of the Eurocity of Guadiana , which ended in Castro Marim.

For this reason, Elsa Cordeiro, vice president of CCDR-Algarve, underlined the importance and need for women to cultivate confidence in themselves to reach positions of responsibility.

The Spanish researcher Blanca Miedes indicated the search for happiness and the life mission as pillars on which to undertake, stressing the importance of creating networks of trust and being surrounded by people, both professionally and personally, who “carry” our energy and will to live.

For her part, the Portuguese businesswoman Vanessa Nascimento also conveyed motivating messages: “we must remember that women do not have a more difficult life, but a more challenging one. Let's embrace the challenge,” he added.

To present their experience, three researchers were present who aroused interest and inspiration: Laura Ribeiro's testimony gave an account of the extra effort that women must make as scientists in a world of men, coinciding on this point with Sandra Pais, who highlighted that the successes and scientific discoveries are less “news” when they are made by female researchers.

For his part, Reyes Tirado said that for more than years he had successfully promoted distance work as a measure of family reconciliation, working for a British university from his native Ayamonte.

The meeting was also attended by the political representatives of the three municipalities that make up the Eurocity: Filomena Sintra, vice-president of the Municipality of Castro Marim, Natália Santos, alcaldesa de Ayamonte, and Conceição Pires, councilor of the Municipality of Vila Real de Saint Anthony. They all agreed on the importance of women's networking across borders and on the commitment that local administrations have in promoting networks and meetings like the one that took place in Castro Marim.

Finally, the debate of the Conference for the Future of Europe took place, whose conclusions can be consulted on the social networks of the EuroGuadiana 2020 project, on facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube.