“ServYcet” brought together algarvian scouts for a weekend of activities in Tavira

Initiative took place this weekend, 12th, 13th and 14th of November

The Campo Escutista de Tavira, located in the National Forest of Conceição, hosted the first issue of servYcet this weekend, on the 12th, 13th and 14th of November, with the participation of walkers and leaders of the groups of Tavira, Albufeira, Quelfes, Messines, Conceição de Faro and the XNUMXst company of Tavirense Guides.

The purpose of this initiative was “to be a typical activity of the IVth section that encompasses young people aged between 18 and 22, with the imagery that served as a guideline being divided into two parts”. One of them was «the conversion of São Paulo, patron of the section, and, in addition, the elements were also challenged to “adopt” a tool that would accompany them throughout the weekend», says the Group 100 de Tavira from the National Scouts Corps (CNE).

Dynamics were developed in tribes (a group consisting of several young people from the section) assigned in the activity, in which each one «accepted a tool that, in the end, represented and personified a “real” person, with real problems in our society».

«Each of the characters brought with them a complicated life story, challenging the elements, during the weekend, to change completely, making her happier and giving her back the life purpose she had lost. The elements of the groups were thus challenged to be true agents of change, not only through the services carried out in the field but also through the impact they will have left on the lives of these characters».



The activity ended this Sunday, November 14th, with the Eucharist celebrated by the assistant of the 100 de Tavira Grouping, already in the new chapel built the day before, blessed in this ceremony.

"The evaluation by the participants was very positive and we believe that the greatest asset will have been the possibility that each element had to leave their mark in this space, which we believe is an asset for scouting in the region and at a national level", he emphasizes o Grouping of scouts.

Campo Escutista de Tavira is a space that "privileges environmental education and life in nature, fundamental pillars of scouting" and that encourages the "preservation of nature in a pedagogical way for the children and young people of this association, which has almost 70 thousand elements and leaders across the country.

Currently, the Field has already recovered an area of ​​six hectares that, in the past, would have been the shipyards of the section of the A22 between Vila Real de Santo António and Tavira, abandoned for 30 years, in the middle of a protected area.

This space is now given a new lease of life, focused on the youngest, where it is possible to carry out scouting activities in safety for children and young people, from 6 to 22 years old, who will be able to learn to preserve the environment and be active voices in the fight against climate change.

For more information, interested parties can consult the website of the CNE's Tavira Grouping 100.