Covid-19: «All scenarios are open» in the fifth wave, says Marta Temido

About the new phase of vaccination, Marta Temido admitted that there will be "times of embarrassment in access"

The Minister of Health, Marta Temido, admitted this Friday, 12 November, that "all scenarios" are open, in relation to the fifth wave of the covid-19 pandemic, calling for the third dose of the vaccine to be taken for over 65 years of age.

“The scenarios must all be open. We don't want it. We hope that we don't have to have that conversation [new confinements], we hope that at a next meeting of experts we can have information that shows that we are managing to control the situation," said the government official.

The minister was speaking to journalists after her visit to the hospital in Penafiel, in the Porto district, where she inaugurated the new hemodialysis unit and pulmonology services.

Regarding the new phase of vaccination, Marta Temido admitted that there will be "times of constrained access", stressing that the country will have "an open house again and local self-services".

“Next week we'll have a lot of pressure, as we've had in the past. It is natural that some queues will form, we will try to improve the waiting conditions for people and it will probably not go well», he stressed.

Asked if the country is prepared to respond to the fifth wave, she replied: «we are witnessing the situation in Europe, where very robust countries are under a very evident fifth wave. This is the case in Germany. We have to do our part, we are prepared to respond as best as possible».

Despite this, the government official observed, "there is always a capacity", which has been "strengthened, but which is not infinite".

“It's all in our hands, if we're not surprised by another variant. If we do everything in our power, we will certainly be more protected," he told journalists.

Marta Temido pointed out, on the other hand, that in the Portuguese context "what is really on the table is looking at non-pharmacological measures, calling for their compliance, calling for the vaccination of the eligible population, as soon as possible, so that we are protected as possible'.