CDU protests against tolls on Via do Infante in ten Algarve cities

CDU says it will continue "to intervene until tolls on Via do Infante are abolished and until EN 125 is fully upgraded".

Nuno Costa|File Photo

On the 7th of December, the CDU will carry out 10 protest actions against tolls on Via do Infante, which will take place in the municipalities of Vila Real de Santo António, Tavira, Olhão, Faro, Loulé, Albufeira, Silves, Lagoa, Portimão and Lagos.

These initiatives are to mark the 10th anniversary of the imposition of tolls on Via do Infante, which took place on December 8, 2011, "by the PS/Socrates Government, against the will of the workers and populations of the Algarve".

PCP Algarve recalls, in a note sent to the editorial offices, that this decision was "confirmed in the following years by successive governments of the PSD/CDS and the PS", which "severely harmed the region, constituting a factor in the extortion of the wealth produced. in the region, by the economic group that got the concession of this way».

For the communists, these ten years of tolls «were a factor behind the development of the Algarve, aggravation of accidents (part of the traffic was diverted to the EN125), loss of competitiveness on the part of companies in the region and impoverishment of populations. The fact that Via do Infante was built with public funds and is at the service of private accumulation, makes the connivance of successive governments with this situation even more serious».

Over the years, says the PCP, “neither the populations nor the CDU were satisfied with this decision. The intense struggle, denunciation and proposal that was developed forced the last PS Governments to reduce the value of tolls, as enshrined in the last State Budget for 2021, in which the reduction to 50% of the value of tolls was imposed against the will of the PS».

However, for the communists, “the advances that were achieved – the last ones came into force on July 1st – did not definitively solve this problem. Despite successive proposals, namely from the PCP, for the immediate abolition of tolls, PS, PSD and CDS, always opposed their elimination. So it was this week in the Assembly of the Republic with a new lead by the same parties to the new proposal of the PCP. If the Algarve still has tolls on Via do Infante, it is because PS, PSD and CDS wanted it that way».

«To those who never tire of pointing out the supposed virtues of the so-called Public-Private Partnerships, we invite you to take a look at Via do Infante and EN 125, whose works are at a standstill with the State paying tens of millions of euros to the concessionaire, and they will easily verify the extent to which the right-wing policy favors the interests of economic groups to the detriment of an entire region and the population that lives and works here», continues the PCP.

The communists also guarantee that they will continue “to intervene until the tolls on Via do Infante are abolished and until the EN 125 is fully upgraded”.