Catarina Marques is the head of the CDU list for the Algarve in Legislative

"Recovery of a deputy elected by the Algarve" is the "first objective"

Catarina Marques, professor and union leader, is the head of the CDU list for the Algarve in the Legislative Elections of 30 January. 

The information has just been released by the CDU which says that "the recovery of a deputy elected by the Algarve" is the "first objective for which this force will fight".

«In these elections, what is at stake is the election of deputies who represent the Portuguese people in the Assembly of the Republic – 9 in the case of the Algarve – and not just any prime minister, it is choosing the policy, the answers and solutions that go to the meeting the aspirations for a better life», he adds.

In the last Legislatives, Tiago Raposo was the head of the CDU list for the Algarve, having not been elected.

Catarina Marques is 44 years old, is a Special Education teacher at the Tomás Cabreira Schools Group, in Faro, and leader of the Teachers Union of the South Zone.

She was elected on the Pedagogical Council of the Superior School of Education of the University of Algarve, association leader of the Clube Desportivo de Montenegro and president of the Association of Parents and Guardians of Education of the Group of Schools of Montenegro.

She was also elected to the Parish Assembly of Montenegro and the Municipal Assembly of Faro. In the last Municipalities, she was the CDU candidate for the Chamber of Faro.

He is also a member of the Board of the PCP's Algarve Regional Organization and of the Municipal Committee of Faro of the PCP.

In the coming days, the remaining members of the CDU list will be announced. On December 4th, the public presentation of the CDU list will take place, in an initiative that will take place at 11:00 am at the Municipal Market of Faro.