“Café com Letras” challenges “Awakening to Bullying”

Initiative will take place on the 12th

“Awakening to Bullying” is the theme of another “Café com Letras” by the Library of the University of Algarve and the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve, which will take place on the 12th, next Friday, at 18 pm, at FNAC of the Algarve Forum.

Goreti Ferreira, author of the book “Bully”, and Filomena Matos (ESS-UAlg) are the guest speakers for this session, which will be moderated by Adriana Nogueira, regional director of Culture of the Algarve.

"Bullying is the systematic and repetitive practice of acts of psychological and/or physical violence (intimidation, humiliation and physical aggression), of a person or group, against an individual", frames the UAlg Library, which organizes the event in partnership with DRCAlg and FNAC.

"The practice of bullying can happen in any environment (on the street, at school, at church, at work or in the family) and can cause serious psychological damage to victims," ​​he adds.

The session will be made available later on FNAC website and on RUA FM.