Aljezurenses will pay a minimum IMI tax and have maximum municipal benefit on the IRS

Decisions will still be voted on in the Municipal Assembly

Aljezurenses will pay the minimum IMI rate in 2022 and enjoy the maximum municipal benefit of the IRS, revealed the municipality this Monday, 8 November. 

The Chamber approved the reduction of the IMI tax on urban buildings to the minimum value of 0,30%.

Added to this is the fact of "dispensing with the entire IRS variable, referring to the year 2021, allowing a saving of 5% in the amount of tax to be paid by citizens in 2022".

According to the municipality, it is also planned to «fix the IMI rate of 0,8% for rural properties and to reduce the tax to be paid on properties for the taxpayer's or their household's own and permanent dwelling, given the number of dependents".

In a press release, the executive, led by José Gonçalves, says that he is fulfilling «the commitment to fiscal relief at the municipal level, facilitating the recovery of the local economy and helping to restore the purchasing power of families».