Algarviana Ultra Trail had 42 athletes cross the finish line in Alcoutim

Rui Sequeira was the first athlete to complete the race, becoming the winner of the fourth edition of ALUT

Photo: Susana Luzir | Facebook ALUT

Via Algarviana hosted the fourth edition of ALUT – Algarviana Ultra Trail, which took place between 25 and 28 November, an event of ultra trail running which counted, at the start, with almost 100 athletes, of which only 42 managed to cover the 300 kilometers within the limit of 72 hours.

Rui Sequeira was the first athlete to complete the race, becoming the winner of ALUT 2021, crossing the goal with a time of 47h17. Upon arrival, the athlete highlighted, among the difficulties he felt, the demand for race time and the cold.

"I had to come to the Algarve to debut all my cold-weather equipment", said the athlete, adding that this "is an emblematic event in Portugal, it is taking its first steps, but it has fantastic conditions".

Carla André was the female winner of the race when she arrived at 59:37. The athlete cut the finish line at 4:00 am on Sunday, November 28th, and revealed that the ALUT “was spectacular”.

«It was my longest distance so far and, despite being challenging, I enjoyed it a lot. Anyone who wants to do it cannot think that it is 300 kilometers, but rather go from supply to supply and reach the end».

In relay, the CDC Nave – Trail Running team was the winner, having finished the race in 35:09.


Photo: Matilde Cardoso | Facebook ALUT


ALUT is developed along a large pedestrian route, the Via Algarviana, which crosses nine municipalities and shows what the interior of the Algarve is all about.

Bruno Rodrigues, director of ALUT, explains that "we organized this competition to receive people in the Algarve, to show the region, and that objective was fully achieved". Asked about the meaning of the next edition, Bruno Rodrigues leaves the suspense in the air: «Which way? We talk later".

The fourth edition of the longest race in Portugal was marked by the inversion of its direction, this time towards Atlântico – Guadiana, which raised the degree of difficulty due to the final route, which was much more demanding than the initial one.

This will have been the competition with more female elements (13). Athletes from 11 different nationalities were present: Portuguese, Brazilian, Canadian, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, English, Luxembourgish, Polish and Romanian.

ALUT – Algarviana Ultra Trail had 60 employees, all of them athletes, and it is this factor, of being a competition made by athletes for athletes, that creates the motto “ALUT cannot be explained. Sit down".