A night well spent in S. Luís and the walk to Cercal

The sea of ​​eucalyptus, with the real sea in the background

T1 E9 – S. Luís>Cercal do Alentejo

Prologue: Accommodation at Corte da Preguiça, taxi driver José de Brito, Ferrador Distillery. This all happened the day before yesterday and has something in common called logistics.

Also as in the series, there is a behind-the-scenes work without which it would not be possible to organize this walk. Accommodation had to be found, taking into account the group's dynamics, sometimes more people, sometimes less, studying how transport would be done between the departure and arrival points, providing food for the walkers - and all this was the work of the female half of this group. walking couple.

And that's how the day before yesterday we went to eat (very well) at Ferrador's Destilaria, in S. Luís (Odemira), which a few years ago won an entrepreneurship award from the Odemira City Council, which negotiated with the taxi driver our transport and transportation. luggage, and that we took advantage of the good conditions and service of Corte da Preguiça, where they provided us with spectacular sandwiches for the way. And the logistics were so efficient that we even got a cat everywhere we stayed!!!

We leave from S. Luís, the parish of Odemira where younger people died in the colonial war, and enter the realm of estradão and eucalyptus. Animal life: zero. Nothing. What a contrast to yesterday's road, full of life.

The only living being we came across in this area was a monster with a carload of wheels and a claw at the front, in the service of paper/cellulose, picking up eucalyptus trunks like someone picking up matchsticks.

In this first part of the path, we had the mouth of the Mira river, Vila Nova de Milfontes and the sea in the distance.

Further on, we came across a couple like us, but a third our age, four TT bikes and a shepherd doing his job, managing the goats on a Zundapp. It's evolution.

The last part of the route has already been done with a lot of biodiversity, among cork oaks, vegetable gardens and orchards.

A very good thing about this announced route of 20,5 km and “something difficult” is that it was practically all done in the shade, because the sun is still strong.

It was good!!!