Project wants to improve the quality of life of families in the Bairro da Cruz da Parteira

Initiative is part of Healthy Neighborhoods program

This month, the Association for Family Planning (APF) started a new project that aims to improve the quality of life of children, young people and families in the Cruz da Parteira neighborhood, in Portimão. 

The initiative is called Bairro Con(s)Ciência and wants to act in several areas.

«In the Social intervention axis, we place greater emphasis on the development of the population's socio-emotional skills, through the dynamization of playful-pedagogical activities in groups, in order to improve the behavioral and relational components and promote conflict resolution», explains the APF , in a press release.

Thus, «psychological monitoring, parental monitoring and study support are not left out – all these activities will be crucial in mitigating various social problems existing in the neighborhood, in reducing absenteeism and school dropouts, and in reducing intra-family violence », he adds.

On the health intervention axis, this project will promote various Health Education and Awareness Raising activities, in order to reduce not only the occurrence of addictive behaviors, but also to promote sexual and reproductive health and family planning.

The Bairro Con(s)ciencia Project is part of a group of 17 projects approved for the Algarve, in a total of 246 projects to start activity, throughout the country, under the Healthy Bairros Programme.