Portimão: New project counts the time that cars are stopped in the unloading area

Objective is, if it works, to expand the initiative

There is a pilot project, in Portimão, which makes it possible to monitor how long cars are parked in the loading and unloading area. After 30 minutes, the inspection agents are informed and can be fined. 

«The pilot project, which will be extended to the entire municipality, if its effectiveness is confirmed, includes 25 spaces and has already been implemented in Pé da Cruz, Direita and Hortinha streets, as these are the areas that show the greatest pressure for reserved parking. loading and unloading», explains Portipark, the company that manages parking in the municipality of Portimão.

The system on street It is based on a network of magnetic sensors that detect whether each parking space is free or occupied, and the change of status is communicated in real-time to an online management system.

This is a solution «which includes an integrated system of sensors to detect parked vehicles, information to drivers and the mobility manager, and provides an interface for back office management and a mobile application».

The operating mode is configurable, allowing you to set the maximum parking time allowed, in this case 30 minutes.

At the end of that time, «a notice is issued to the back office and to the Parking Inspection Agents, which serves as evidence for the lifting of the corresponding Notice of Notice for improper stoppage».

In a first phase, «the supervision of parking in the pilot area will be carried out through an application installed on the equipment of Portipark's Inspection agents, and other systems may be implemented later», he concludes.