poor but happy

A humorous analysis of yesterday's game in the Algarve

Photo: Nelson Inácio | Sul Informação

On a day when the discussion around the State Budget marks the present day, measuring how deeply the Government will dig into the pockets of taxpayers, the National Team poured a preventive balm on the mood of the Portuguese (and, by the way, about 15% of the foreign population residing in Luxembourg, courtesy of this battered seaside garden), exposing that money is not everything, through a full-fledged rout, imposed on a country that surpasses ours in several economic indicators.

After all, and looking at things for a long time, what's the point of having a minimum wage of practically €2200 if they then leave a country where the average gross salary, including subsidies and everything and everything, is around €1227? Swell, Luxembourg, and remember this evening at the next Eurogroup meeting…


Rui Patrício

“Ah, if I was supposed to be standing here as a mere spectator, it would have been better to have bought a ticket, the discount on the card would help me!” the guardian of the national networks often thought. Anyway, he was the player who benefited the most from this late heat that has been felt, saving anything in the warm-up exercises he was doing so as not to fall asleep. He had plenty of time to revisit all his caps, on the day he completed the beautiful XNUMXth mark.


João Cancelo

It started off very well, full of dynamism, but quickly realized the waste it was incurring, and corrected its exhibitional level to more effective levels. Towards the end, the referee wanted to balance the national team, giving him a yellow card, so as not to be behind his teammate on the left wing.


Rúben Days

Do you know those friends that we didn't see for a while or even know about them? The reunion is always a moment of some confusion, until we make sure that, despite the distance, nothing has changed in the friendship, and everything is as it was before. So it was with Rúben and the ball, when gathered in front of the opposing goal, after so many minutes of distance.



Luxembourg is one of the countries of the European Union with the lowest percentage of elderly people. And this can be seen in the deference with which the Luxembourgers act in front of one, when they find it, doing everything to not bother it or give it too much trouble.


Nuno mendes

Millennials have a certain difficulty in defining what they want out of life, as a result of the volatile environment in which they grew up. Nuno Mendes is no exception. In this game, he so quickly showed up as a sprinter as a candidate for the slalom events of the next Olympic Winter Games, circulating among Luxembourg players transformed into those spiked flags, only to blatantly apply for a spot at the CTT, delivering crosses with a precision capable of making any postman blush. Fortunately, he appears to be immune to the toxicity of political correctness that characterizes this generation, otherwise he would not do so much harm to such a nice opponent.



Someone behind me at the bench said, at every touch of our shirt 16 on the ball “It's not Palhinha, it's Palhão!”. And you are absolutely right. Tireless, it seems that he took Luxembourg more seriously than any player in the Grand Duchy. To the point of being kind enough to try to lift their spirits, pretending, in the celebration of the goal scored, that they had suffered another one of the best in the world...


João Moutinho

Fernando Santos is very fond of my aunt. Whenever you know she's watching the game, it's certain that Moutinho is on the field. If there are those who say they are small gestures without consequence, I prefer to emphasize that there is still chivalry in this world.


Bruno Fernandes

He scored, watched and actively participated in the “meinho” with which Portugal offered Luxembourg in the first half, and tried to put the pieces of the game together in the second. The one who most enjoyed his performance was clearly the kid who was presented with his shirt at the end. It's always beautiful to see.


Bernardo Silva

To be great is also to be humble. On a night when he quickly realized that the biggest star would be another, he didn't want to put himself on his tiptoes. Even so, in your case, opting for a more modest record still means a VIP treatment of the ball, with passes, reviengas, dribbles and assists.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Aside from the certainty of taking the field as the only one with a GDP per capita comparable to Luxembourg's, Ronaldo would have the doubt as to whether these “nos amis” would jump to the front of the favorite victims of his scoring streak, in service of Selection. Well, if that uncertainty was quickly undone, with another hat-trick to fatten the nest egg, the frustration of that extraordinary bicycle kick having been defended by the opposing keeper - or was it not the captain obsessed with perfection will certainly last. . Let him file the matter in the chapter on solidarity between rich people, and don't think about it anymore, because, after all, the night was beautiful!


André Silva

Undeniably being a good striker, and even a hulk, the fact is that, from time to time, it comes in a pocket version, which this time even fit in the pockets of the Luxembourg defense. There are still two “endings” to open the book.


João Mario

João Mário's impeccable ergonomic posture on the field, which at times gives him a cold and distant look at the game, was not enough to hide the notorious happiness of returning to the midfield with which he was crowned national champion last season.


Ruben Neves

I like players who take the field determined to satisfy the audience's needs. After 73 minutes of reading the feeling of the stands, Rúben entered the field with a clear awareness of what was needed: give Ronaldo the hat-trick. And so he did.


Rafael Leão

The sadistic note of Fernando Santos in this game. With a quarter of an hour to go, with Luxembourg already counting minutes to end its suffering, it leaves a well of strength and voluntarism on the field. With the aggravating factor that, because of the joy he has in the game, he runs the risk of seeing his smile being misinterpreted, as some form of disrespect for the opponent. Showing a maturity that his age would not have predicted, he knew how to restrain himself and not abuse his quality. Well, kid.


Gonçalo Guedes

Today yes, he took to the field only to hear I don't know how many “get out of the way, Guedes” from the bench.


Matheus nunes

Opportunity to kill nostalgia to exchange some balls with João Mário. Or vice versa.


Author Gonçalo Duarte Gomes is a landscape architect with the mania that he knows a lot about football…and writes according to the previous Spelling Agreement