Listening to “Voz do Mar” in Sagres and “Sentir Milreu” are proposals by DiVaM

All DiVaM activities are free entry.

“Voz do Mar” at the Fortaleza de Sagres and “Sentir Milreu” are proposed by the DiVaM program between this Thursday, October 21st, and Sunday, the 24th. 

The “Águas em Milreu” project is scheduled to open on October 21, at the Roman Ruins of Milreu, with two opening sessions, at 10:30 am and at 14:30 pm. The project is ACASO – Cultural and Social Support Association of Olhão and promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities. The artistic coordination is by Joana Rocha.

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The Roman Ruins of Milreu also house “PA'mim, PA'ti…Patrimony”, a project by Lais de Guia – Cultural Association of Maritime Heritage, which aims to provide new perspectives on Milreu's heritage, with a special focus on the inclusion of groups several.

The initiative is part of the Visit “Sensorial “Sentir Milreu”, aimed at the blind public, to take place on October 23, at 10:30 am, with Fátima Cardoso, Paulo Viegas, Humberto Veríssimo and Patrícia Dores.

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The Roman Ruins of Milreu will also receive, on October 23, at 17:30 pm, the lecture entitled “Conversation with the communities of Milreu – a kind of Milreu within Milreu”, given by João Pedro Bernardes, from the Faculty of Human Sciences and Social Affairs at the University of Algarve.

This initiative «intends to remember all the communities that built Milreu as a place for living and as a heritage icon in the Portuguese south», says the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve.

The lecture is part of the cycle “Amatores in Situ – The Ancient World seen by those who love it”, which is now in its 6th edition, a project by Cívis – Association for the Deepening of Citizenship.

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In turn, the Sagres Fortress will be the stage for the project “Voz do Mar – Sonic Sea and the secret of the depths of the Sea”, on October 22 (for the school community), from 10:00 am and also at on the 24th of October, at 15 pm, for the general public.

“Voz do Mar” «is a performative and participatory installation inspired by the documentary Sonic Sea, which invites reflection on the richness of natural life in the seas and oceans in the face of the current noise pollution and destruction that humanity has been causing», he explains the Regional Directorate of Culture.

Participants will be guided on a journey through three thematic stations, from the entrance of the monument, through a performative walk, to the architectural structure Voz do Mar, located on the promontory, in a process of listening and discovery.

Concept and artistic direction is by Sofia Brito and production direction by Alicja Gladysz.

The guest artists and co-creators are: Inês Silva, Liliana Dias, Pedro Pereira and Tiago Rouxinol.

“Voz do Mar” also has the participation of Coro Primavera and students from the Professional Theater Course at Escola da Bemposta (class 11º C) and the support of the Parish Council of São Gonçalo de Lagos, the Novas Descobertas and of the Bemposta Schools Group.

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