Biological fight has already started after detection of Trioza erytreae pest in Aljezur citrus fruit

Plague is a vector of citrus greening disease

the insect pest Trioza erytreae was detected in a citrus plantation in the Algarve, in the parish of Rogil (Aljezur), having already started, on 29 September, to be fought through biological fight, with a release of the parasitoid tamarixia dryi, announced the Algarve Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries.

According to this organism, "this species of parasitoid, specific for this pest, already used in other places in the country where this pest has been reported, has shown high rates of parasitism, being considered as a potential organism in the application of the biological fight against this pest. a major pest of citrus fruit'.

The national biological control program against the insect Trioza erytreae, «with the Ministry of Agriculture's reinforced commitment to innovative and sustainable alternatives for the control of quarantine pests», has been running since October 2019, in coordination with the Spanish phytosanitary services (which supply the parasitoid), since the pest it has also been identified in Galicia and the Canaries.

DRAP Algarve reinforces «the importance of this action for the Algarve citrus industry, the largest and most important area of ​​citrus production in the country», in order to hinder «the advancement of this insect which, in addition to being a quarantine pest, is also a vector of the disease of Greening of citrus fruit (HLB)'.