Unrestricted shops and restaurants and clubs and bars reopen today

"There is no precipitation", guarantees the Government

Shops and restaurants will no longer be subject to time restrictions and customer limitations as of this Friday, October 1st, as part of the third phase of decontamination, which also includes the reopening of bars and clubs.

The last phase of the plan for lifting the measures imposed to control the pandemic enters into force today, on the day that mainland Portugal is also in a state of alert, the lowest level of response to disaster situations provided for in the Basic Law of Civil Protection.

In practice, commercial establishments, restaurants, cafes and in general commerce are no longer limited to a maximum number of customers or people per group, and restrictions on their opening hours are also lifted.

The night entertainment spaces, closed since March 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic, may return to work, at a time when the country is about to reach 85% of residents with full vaccination.

The use of a mask remains mandatory in public transport, in Citizens' Shops, in schools (except in outdoor recreational spaces), in concert halls, cinemas, congress halls, event venues, services and in residential structures for the elderly, as well as in commercial spaces with an area of ​​more than 400 square meters, including shopping centers.

Restaurant customers and hotel guests no longer have to present a vaccination certificate or a negative test to covid-19, the same being true for group classes in gyms and for access to gambling establishments, casinos, bingos, spas and spas.

Entry into bars and clubs is dependent on presentation of the certificate, but only for customers, as workers and suppliers are exempt from this rule.

Today, the recommendation for teleworking also ends, without prejudice to the maintenance of time mismatch, and the rule that imposed testing in companies with more than 150 workers in the same workplace is eliminated.

The sale and consumption of alcohol is another restriction that also ends, as well as time limits that had been imposed due to the pandemic.

On Thursday, the Secretary of State for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers considered that "there is no precipitation" in the Government's decisions on deconfinement, when the target of 85% of the population with complete vaccination has not yet been reached.

“There is no precipitation. If we do not reach 85% by tomorrow [today], we are certainly very close to reaching these numbers, but the global assessment of the epidemiological situation was not in the way of keeping Portuguese society at the level of restrictions it was in», told journalists André Moz Caldas, at the press conference at the end of the Council of Ministers held at Palácio da Ajuda, in Lisbon.