Low IMI and IRS lakes and no spills in 2022

Decision was taken at the first Chamber Meeting of the current term

The IMI rate in Lagos will be reduced from 0,34% to 0,32% in 2022, setting itself at a value very close to the minimum established by law, which is 3%. On the way, the Câmara de Lagos will also reduce the participation rate in the IRS and will not release surcharges, next year.

This tax relief follows a proposal presented by the mayor, the socialist Hugo Pereira, and which was approved at the first Chamber Meeting of this mandate, on 15 October. The proposal will still go to the Municipal Assembly, where the PS has a comfortable majority.

The rate of 0,32% will be applied to urban properties assessed under the Municipal Property Tax Code (CIMI) and is applicable to all parishes.

“The same resolution provides for the setting of the following IMI rates: 0,8% for rural properties; the 30% reduction in the rate for the properties operated in the Urban Rehabilitation Area of ​​the city of Lagos (ARU); the increase to triple the rate applicable to buildings that have been vacant for more than a year and buildings in ruins located in the ARU zone; a 20% reduction in the rate to be applied to urban properties leased for permanent housing; and also the reduction depending on the number of dependents that make up the household (1 dependent – ​​20 euros fixed deduction; 2 dependents – 40 euros; 3 or more dependents – 70 euros)».

As for the IRS, the Chamber decided to claim only 1,5% of the IRS participation rate, which is currently 3%. "The municipality will thus relinquish part of the revenue it could collect through this source, consolidating the path of reduction started four years ago: in 2018 and 2019 the variable participation in the IRS was set at 4,5%; in 2020 it dropped to 3,3%; in 2021, with the onset of the pandemic, it dropped to 3%; and, in 2022, it will be 1,5%, fulfilling what was foreseen in the “Lagos Apoia” program».

The companies will also be exempted from paying the surcharge, since the City Council approved the proposal not to launch this tax in 2021 (to be collected in 2022), "thus giving up an estimated revenue of 695 thousand euros", after of, between 2016 and 2019, having applied a surcharge of 1% to companies with a turnover of more than 150 thousand euros.

The approved tax package also included the continued application of a Municipal Fee for Rights of Way of 0,25%, to be charged, under the terms of the Electronic Communications Law, to companies that offer publicly accessible electronic communications networks and services.