Ferragudo Parish Council promotes public meeting to debate dredging in Arade

Environmental Impact Assessment Period ends in two days, on 28 October

Ferragudo, in the Arade estuary – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The Parish Council of Ferragudo promotes today, October 26, at 21 pm, a public meeting on the environmental impact assessment process of the project to deepen and widen the navigation channel for cruises in the Arade river estuary.

The evaluation period of the reformulated project started on October 15th and ends within two days, on the 28th. A short period of public discussion that has already motivated numerous protests, mainly because it coincides with the swearing in and changes in executives in the Municipal Chambers and in the Parish Councils.

The meeting in Ferragudo, open to all citizens, is scheduled for the Parish Assembly Room.

The widening of the navigation channel and rotation basin to allow the entry of larger cruise ships into the port of Portimão will have profound impacts on the underwater archaeological heritage, on fishing resources and on the landscape.

Investment of more than 17 million euros is expected.

The first version of the Environmental Impact Study received negative opinion, forcing the Administration of the Ports of Sines and Algarve to reformulate the execution project.

All citizens can participate in the public discussion of the redesigned project, which is available on the Participa portal, by clicking here.