Young people from Castro Marim discovered avifauna on the Cerro do Bufo trail

Initiative took place this Friday morning, October 15th

A group of 20 youngsters from the 3rd cycle class of Escola EB 2.3 de Castro Marim went to discover, on the morning of this Friday, October 15th, the most characteristic birdlife on the trail of Cerro do Bufo, having observed flamingos, spoonbills and cormorants , mosquitoes and an osprey.

The action, called «Learning with Nature – Guided route through Cerro do Bufo» included, in addition to the walk, an interpretive walk with the presence of the nature photographer and bird watcher Augustine Gomes.

The visit promoted the observation of the species of summer and resident birds that were found along the route, among marshes, creeks and salt marshes of the Natural Reserve of Sapal de Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António.

This action aimed to «bring young people closer to nature and birds, to physical activity and to enjoy the territory, and all young people were entitled to a “Bas Guadiana Birdwatching Guide”», stresses the Odiana association, organizer of initiative, which installed an avifauna observatory on the trail of Cerro do Bufo.

As part of the Education Week and Environmental Volunteer Initiatives (SEIVA), this action was developed by the CLDS 4G project team «Castro Marim (COM) Vida» in collaboration with the municipality and the Castro Marim Schools Group, coordinated by the Odiana association , co-financed by CRESC Algarve 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union, through the European Social Fund.