GNR recovers stolen video games that were for sale at a store in Olhão

Recovered objects are mostly video games

The GNR recovered, this Tuesday, 26th of October, several objects that were for sale in an establishment, in Olhão, mostly videogames.

According to this authority, the investigation “has been going on for about three months” during which “several crimes of theft in commercial establishments were investigated”.

The suspect, a 40-year-old man, was selling the objects that were seized by the GNR: 23 video games, a console controller, two speakers, a smartwatch and an external disk.

Computer records were also seized "which demonstrate that the suspect proceeded to sell objects in that establishment worth more than 50 thousand euros in 2020 and 2021", suspecting that these resulted from various thefts.

A search warrant was then complied with “in a commercial establishment for the purchase and sale of computer equipment”, in Olhão, where “several objects stolen elsewhere were recovered”.

The seized objects "were associated with crimes committed by the suspect and will be returned to the legitimate owners".

The facts were communicated to the Judicial Court of Loulé.