Covid-19: There is one more fatal victim and 26 new cases in the Algarve

Across the country over 612 cases of infection were reported

The Algarve has one more fatal victim and 26 cases of infection by Covid-19, according to the bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) this Saturday, 16 October, which has just been released.

Across the country, 612 more cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection were reported in today's report.

In 24 hours a further 703 people recovered (for a total of 1 031 142 recovered) and there was a decrease in active cases (-101) to 30 111 patients.

As for accumulated numbers, there have been in Portugal, since the beginning of the pandemic, 1.079.341 cases and 18.088 deaths from Covid-19 in Portugal.

The region with the highest number of new registered cases is Lisbon and Vale do Tejo (+240). It is followed by the North (+164), the Center (+126), the Alentejo (+42), the Algarve (+26), Madeira (+11) and the Azores (+3).

The DGS reports another ten fatalities recorded in Centro (3), Alentejo (3), Norte (2), Algarve (1) and Madeira (1).

Admissions have declined across the country (-16) and there are now a total of 285 people in need of hospital medical care due to the new coronavirus.

In intensive care, there was an increase from four people to 59 patients.

Regarding the risk matrix, the data refer to yesterday.

R(t), the transmissibility index, is at 1, both nationally and considering only mainland territory.

The incidence is located at 84,2 cases of infection by Covid-19 per 100 inhabitants, nationwide, and at 84,4 cases, excluding the islands, for 83,2 cases, in both situations.

There are 21.630 contacts under surveillance (+204).