CDU withdraws political confidence from Álvaro Leal and speaks of an "unacceptable" attitude of the VRSA councilor

VRSA voters "will not fail to make their own judgment" about this attitude, defends the CDU

Photo: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação

The CDU withdrew political confidence from Álvaro Leal, councilor in Vila Real de Santo António, elected by this force, but who was against the party orientation e accepted, last week, a post of councilor with portfolios in the Municipal Council led by the PS. 

In a statement, the CDU speaks of an "unacceptable usurpation of votes and mandate" attitude that this left-wing coalition (PCP + PEV) has achieved.

Álvaro Leal's acceptance of a position as permanent councilor "in practice leaves the Municipal Council of Vila Real de Santo António without a councilor representing the CDU, contrary to the wishes expressed by voters", he adds.

This rupture, argues the CDU, "leaves no other alternative than the withdrawal of political trust from the elected councilor."

“The CDU is not an individual project, nor an instrument at the service of personal interests. It is a broad collective project that has a work, trajectory and history in Vila Real de Santo António», this communiqué reads, which does not skimp on criticism of Álvaro Leal.

«The non-existence of a councilor in the City Council makes it more difficult, but does not prevent his intervention. The CDU will continue its struggle for the implementation of the electoral program presented to voters, developing its action both in the framework of the Municipal Assembly and in the Parish Assemblies, as well as in neighborhoods, streets and places, with municipal workers and of the population as a whole”, he adds.

According to the CDU, VRSA voters “will not fail to make their own judgment” about this attitude of the head of the list to the City Council.

In the last Autárquicas, Álvaro Araújo (PS) won the Elections, but without an absolute majority, electing three councilors – the same as the PSD.

The CDU elected one – Álvaro Leal – and the decision to accept a permanent position in the executive was the key that gave the PS an absolute majority in the autarchy.

After contradicting the party's orientation, Álvaro Leal said he accepted the permanent council for being the "most responsible option", confessing that it was the "hardest decision" of his life.