Câmara de Lagos already met for the first time

PS won the elections with an absolute majority

A Lagos Chamber, which has already met for the first time, will have five full-time councilors (including president and vice president) meeting on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

These meetings will start at 15 pm, in the Auditorium of the Paços do Concelho Século XXI building.

In addition to Hugo Pereira (president) and Paulo Reis (vice president), in Lagos there will be three more councilors full-time: Sara Coelho, Luís Reis and Sandra Oliveira.

The executive also has Pedro Palma Moreira, elected by the PSD, and Alexandre Nunes, from the CDU, both part-time councilors.

The fact that there are two more full-time councilors is explained by the Câmara de Lagos by the «process of decentralization of competences of the Central and Regional Administration in the Local Authorities, which has brought not only a high amount of new competences, but also, and above all. , a diversity of coverage areas that require a high level of knowledge and perspective of assertive action».

Full Executive:

Hugo Miguel Marreiros Henrique Pereira (chairman)
Paulo Jorge Correia dos Reis (vice president)
Sara Maria Horta Nogueira Coelho (full-time councilor)
Luís Alberto Bandarra dos Reis (full-time councilor)
Pedro Augusto Borges de Lima Palma Moreira
Sandra Maria Almada de Oliveira (full time councilor)
Alexandre Afonso Marques Ribeiro Nunes