camera of Faro already has assigned areas

The councilors elected by the Socialist Party remain without portfolios: Anabela Afonso, Aquiles Marreiros and Paula Matias

The Chamber of Faro, which met for the first time in this new mandate on the 14th of October, has already distributed the portfolios among councilors. 

In this sense, President Rogério Bacalhau assumes the responsibilities of Security, Civil Protection and Municipal Police, Municipal Works and Education, delegating to Vice President Paulo Santos the responsibilities of Culture, Library and Municipal Archives, Museums, Galleries, Archeology, Conservation and Restoration , Sports, Digital Transformation, Innovation and Information Systems and Technological Communication with citizens.

In turn, Councilor Sophie Matias assumes the areas of Spatial Planning, Urban Management, Urban Regeneration, Public Infrastructure, Toponymy; Occupation of Public Space and Advertising, Mobility and Traffic, Transport Authority, Energy, Agriculture, Hunting and Forestry, Commerce, Fairs, Markets and Street Selling, Public Works, Community Projects, Environment and Noise, Gardens and Green Spaces, Municipal Projects, Review of PDM and Forestry Technical Office.

Councilor Carlos Baía holds the portfolios of Social Action, Protection of Children and Youth, Animal Health, Social Housing, Health, Tourism, Consumer Protection, Participatory Policies, Participatory Budgeting and Employment.

Councilor Adriano Guerra assumes the responsibilities of Municipal Heritage, Private Notary, Finance and Municipal Heritage, Public Contracting and Tax Enforcement, External and Community Financing, General Administration, Fees and Licenses, Litigation, Legal Support and Administrative Offenses, Inspection, Equipment, Municipal Installations , Machines and Vehicles; Cemeteries and One Stop Shop “Living Faro".

Councilwoman Teresa Santos, the only newcomer to the executive led by Rogério Bacalhau, will take over the Human Resources, Hygiene and safety at work and Youth portfolios.

Without portfolios are the councilors elected by the Socialist Party: Anabela Afonso, Aquiles Marreiros and Paula Matias.