Ana Paula Martins wants to «transform Tavira into the benchmark city in the Eastern Algarve»

José Manuel Guerreiro is the new president of the Municipal Assembly of Tavira

Ana Paula Martins speaking at the ceremony – Photo: Rúben Bento | Sul Informação

«We want continuity, mainly from the last two years, with a vision adapted to the new reality» having in its essence «people first» but also the desire to «transform Tavira into the reference city in the Eastern Algarve».

The words are from Ana Paula Martins, who took office at the end of the afternoon of this Thursday, October 14th, as president of the Tavira Chamber, in a ceremony marked by the absence of Macário Correia, who, despite being the most voted for the Municipal Assembly announced, after the elections, that it would not take its place.

Ana Paula Martins stated that, «being the first woman president of this municipality is for me an unparalleled pride and honor», adding that «a feminine touch will be good for this city».

The new mayor took the stage with a smile on her face, at the ceremony for the installation of municipal bodies until 2025, which took place in the Eduardo Mansinho Pavilion, with the inauguration of the new executive and all members of the Municipal Assembly.

In the new executive, "there is a difference in the main actor", in this case Ana Paula Martins herself, who was directly elected for the first time, but also a change "both in councilors with portfolios and in those of the opposition", the mayor told the journalists on the sidelines of the ceremony.

The mayor wants to "prepare Tavira for the future", which "want to have more equal opportunities for all, more jobs and health", having defined "several priorities" and already having projects in progress, such as "housing". the municipality's social park, the Parque Verde do Séqua or the requalification of some of the city's arteries, whose projects are under development».

“Resolving the housing problem in the municipality will be one of our priorities. Therefore, it will be necessary to implement the Local Housing Strategy, for which we already have approved financing, without forgetting to rehabilitate the existing fires».

As for health, the mayor stressed that "it is another essential pillar" and that she will work for "the expansion of the Tavira Health Centre, to allow more patients to be accommodated and provide more primary health care to the population", but also for "the return of the permanent attendance service».

Culture, sport and the Mediterranean Diet will also be focused on, in a four-year period in which the mayor wants to fulfill the program proposed during the electoral campaign, which it says is "feasible".

Ending her speech, Ana Paula Martins guaranteed to "be ambitious", in such a way that she will "transform Tavira into the reference city in the Eastern Algarve".


Installation ceremony of the new municipal bodies for the next quadrennium – Photo: Rúben Bento | Sul Informação


In the Chamber, the PS, in addition to Ana Paula Martins, elected three more councilors: Eurico da Palma, Sónia Pires and Narciso Barradas. The other three councilors, Dinis Faísca, Luís Beato and Maria Inês Faleiro, were elected by the PSD. The executive for the next quadrennium was thus completely renewed.

In the Municipal Assembly, the socialists have 10 elected members, who are joined by another five presidents of the Board, that is, 15 out of 27 members of this body. The PSD has 11 elements, 10 directly elected and a chairman of the Board. Chega also has a municipal deputy.

After everyone took office, the election of the president of the Municipal Assembly followed.

Social Democrat Muriel Dias was the first woman to preside to a Municipal Assembly in Tavira, albeit for a short time, after the ceremony was marked by the absence of Macário Correia, head of the list of the PSD and head of the list with the most votes for this municipal body.

However, because of the inertia of the Parish Council presidents, the PS was the one who ended up having a majority in the Assembly. And so, José Manuel Guerreiro, wearing the same tie he wore when he was elected opposition councilor in 2005 (when Macário Correia was elected mayor), was now elected president of the Municipal Assembly, with 15 votes from the 27 members of the AM.

For AM's table, socialist Margarida Flores, as 1st secretary, with 14 votes, and social democrat Muriel Dias, as 2nd secretary, with 24 out of 27 votes, were also elected, with a blank vote in this last vote.


José Manuel Guerreiro, new president of the Municipal Assembly of Tavira – Photo: Rúben Bento | Sul Informação


Once all the decisions have been made, José Manuel Guerreiro stated that he will "listen to all the Tavirense, to work and implement the proposals that are viable", involving those experienced in this matter, but also young people who enter this body for the first time: "we will work together , giving life and voice to what is the Assembly, the House of Democracy».

José Manuel Guerreiro also referred that "I am the president, but I might not be the president either" and criticized the opposition, specifically Macário Correia, saying that "if [I] did not take office, I would be disappointing all those people who believed in me. I think when we get into this political thing, we have to honor our commitments and they start when we deliver the lists in court.”

The new president of the Municipal Assembly also thanked his predecessor, José Baía, and, jokingly on the sidelines of the ceremony, said that "I won't be so good", but that he will "effort and do everything possible so that he also leaves a mark when this term ends or others that may follow”.

In their speeches, both Ana Paula Martins and José Manuel Guerreiro concluded by saying “they want to do their best for Tavira and for the people of Tavira”.


Photos: Rúben Bento | Sul Informação