Vítor Guerreiro (PS) promises to "continue to work with all his dedication" for São Brás

PS lost a councilor

Victor Guerreiro (PS) was re-elected for a third and last term at the head of the Chamber of São Brás de Alportel, in the Elections this Sunday, 26 September, promising to "continue to work with all dedication" for this council. 

Ao Sul Informação, the socialist mayor said that this will be "a very challenging mandate" due to "the funds of the Recovery and Resilience Plan that will allow us to do even more for our people."

After this re-election, Vítor Guerreiro considered that he now has "even more responsibility" for having deserved, once again, "the trust of São Brasenses".

The PS had 58,56% of the votes – the biggest victory, in percentage terms, of the Socialists in the Algarve –, winning three councilors (one less than in 2017).

The PSD, which ranked second, collected 29,75%, which gives two councilors (one more than in 2017).

The loss of a mandate, for the PS, is explained by Vítor Guerreiro with “abstention data” which was 48,03%.