Are we going to “Discovering the 4 seasons” in Serra de Silves?

The initiative is aimed at people over 18 years old

The performative sensory tour “À Descoberta das 4 Estaçãos” takes place this Sunday, 12 September, at 15:30, in Serra de Silves. 

This will be a «journey that invites you to discover the secrets kept in the mountains».

Along the way, there will be «the discovery along the route of various animation spots and, in this context, of the participating artists and performers (whose names are purposely hidden to arouse interest in the discovery)».

The initiative is aimed at people over 18 years of age, and registration must be made by the 10th of September through the email [email protected], with the name and age information of the participant(s).

The correct receipt of the registration will then be confirmed with each registered by email, with the sending of additional information related to the initiative.

In this context, the Municipality of Silves advises that participants can come equipped with shoes and clothing suitable for a walk of about 3,5 kilometers in the Silves mountain range (with an uneven floor), and equipped with water, sunscreen and a hat.

The initiative is part of the Geopalcos Arte.Ciência.Natureza Festival and is a biannual event that connects art, science and nature with and for people, designed from the collaboration and participation of populations and promoted by the aspiring Geoparque Algarvensis Loulé- Silves-Albufeira, through the municipalities.

The project arose from an inter-municipal application, led by AMAL, bringing together the 16 Algarve municipalities and the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve, which resulted in the “Bezaranha – Cultural Program in Network”, a program that partially ensures the financing of Geopalcos, using the Program Regional Operational of the Algarve (CRESC2020).