University of Algarve wins National Prize for “Mobility by Bike”

Algarve University was one of the winners in the Teaching Institutions category

UAlg shared bicycles – Photo: Nuno Costa | Sul Informação

The University of Algarve was awarded the National Prize for “Mobility by Bicycle” in the 16th edition of this initiative by the Portuguese Federation of Cycling and Bicycle Users (FPCUB), whose prizes will be delivered this Monday, at 16 pm, in the auditorium of Orlando Ribeiro Municipal Library, in Telheiras, Lisbon.

UAlg, which in 2020 launched the Eco Bike project, from free shared bikes, for use by the academic community, was one of three awarded in the Education Institutions category, along with Colégio Luso (Working Group “Pedalar Project”) and the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave.

The National Award “Mobility by Bike” « seeks to publicly recognize the contribution of entities or individuals who have promoted the use of bicycles in its multiple aspects, through the creation or improvement of conditions and facilities in Portugal and/or the dissemination of fostering initiatives use of this non-motorized mode of transport', according to the FPCUB.

With the launch of Eco Bike, the University of Algarve wanted to "significantly increase the percentage of students and employees opting for light modes of mobility, thus contributing to a healthier and low-carbon society", as revealed at the time by the Algarve institution.

The federation also stresses that “it has organized and supported numerous initiatives on the topic of bicycle use, with the aim of continuing to raise awareness among public opinion and political decision makers (government and central and local administrations) of the need to be created each time. more safe conditions for its use in Portugal, as a complement to public transport and walking, as an alternative to massive car use».

«The Federation maintains its availability to help local authorities and the various ministries and authorities related to the promotion and use of the bicycle (environment, transport, mobility, health, energy, economy, sport, youth, culture and tourism) to develop policies and to implement integrated measures and solutions that effectively contribute to the use of bicycles as an asset for mobility in cities, as in many European countries», adds this entity.


2021 recipients:


Municipalities and Parishes
– Barcelos City Council

Educational Institutions
– UAlg – University of Algarve
– Colégio Luso – French (Working Group “Projeto Pedalar”)
– IPCA – Polytechnic Institute of Cávado e do Ave

Bus Routes
– Working Group of CP – Trains of Portugal

Associations and Clubs
– Musical and Sports Group 9 de Abril de Trajouce – Cycle Tourism Section

– CycleAI
– Bamboo Bicycles

– Save Bikes

– Film “The Soul of a Cyclist” by Nuno Tavares
– Jornal de Notícias do Porto
– Digital magazine “Lisbon for People”

– Paulo Sousa
– Afonso Goncalves
– Sonia Ramalho