Silves signed a contract to prepare the Detail Plan for Ribeiro Meirinho, in SB de Messines

This is «an important step in the realization of this development project for the entire municipality»

The contract to restart the elaboration of the Detailed Plan for Ribeiro Meirinho, in São Bartolomeu de Messines, was signed on the 15th, after the end of the «period of preventive public consultation» determined by the City Council of Silves.

On June 21, the municipality declared extinct a first procedure for the elaboration of the Detail Plan of Ribeiro Meirinho, launched in 2018, proceeding to its archiving, as the deadline for its execution had been exceeded. On the same day, the executive restarted the process of elaborating the plan and decided that it would be submitted to the scrutiny of the citizens.

One of the objectives of this plan, according to the municipality, is "to enhance the promotion of economic dynamism and the diversification of the local economic base, through the reinforcement of the available area for the installation of economic activities".

It also intends to "take advantage of the opportunity of the economic context of recovery, namely its reflection in the attractiveness and dynamism of the existing business area and promote the use of the territory's leasing potential, profiting and optimizing the investment made are the main objectives of this plan".

«With the signing of the planning contract, an important step is taken towards the realization of this development project for the entire municipality», concluded the Câmara de Silves.