Reopening of nightclubs is "great", but arrive "late" for the Algarve

“I saw the ad with great pleasure, albeit a little late. This should have happened a bit earlier. It's good for my colleagues from the rest of the country, but for us here in the Algarve, it won't help us much anymore»

The announcement of the opening of the clubs on October 1, made on Thursday by the Government, is "great" news for the sector, but it comes "late", said the president of the Southern and Algarve Discos Association (ADSA) today. .

The ADSA official thus reacted to the announcement that the night entertainment spaces, closed since March 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic, can reopen from October 1st, for customers with a digital certificate or negative test.

“I saw the ad with great pleasure, albeit a little late. This should have happened a bit earlier. It's good for my colleagues in the rest of the country, but for us, here in the Algarve, it won't help us much anymore», said Liberto Mealha in statements to the Lusa agency.

The leader of the business association argued that the measure comes late because, as of October 1st, with the end of the tourist peak season, the region will have «old tourism, which doesn't go out at night, and doesn't justifies keeping the business open».

Liberto Mealha estimated that around «80% of activities close their doors» during the low tourist season in the Algarve, because «October is already the end of the season» and there are «four months in the Algarve when nothing happens, which are November , December, January and February, with the exception of the end of the year', in the case of those that open on the night of December 31st to January 1st.

“Anyway, it was great news, in fact, better than expected. The end of all restrictions was fundamental, opening a disco without a dance floor or counter service was also meaningless and would not help much», he considered.

The same source congratulated that “the activity can open from the 1st without restrictions” and agreed with the Government's decision to demand a covid-19 digital certificate at the entrance of night entertainment establishments. Entrance to bars and clubs will also be possible with the presentation of a negative test to covid-19.

“There is a requirement for a digital certificate upon entry and I think it's okay. We have to get used more and more that this certificate is a second passport in our lives and I think that, finally, we are reaching normality», he added.

Liberto Mealha wished "luck" to the businesses that are going to reopen their doors after a "long period of closing", overcome with "a lot of sacrifice", but he stressed that there were "those who couldn't stand it, because the closing time was really too long".

"It is regrettable that we lose houses and nights in our country, because in fact life is not just work, there must be leisure and fun, and these places, gradually disappearing, will contribute nothing to people's quality of life." added.

Asked whether the reopening of clubs could reduce cases of gathering of people and young people at night, as has been seen in some parts of the country, such as Lisbon, the ADSA president replied that "yes".

“Of course, without a doubt, people made these gatherings because they had nowhere to go. From now on, I think that will end”, he replied.