Quarteirense Bernardo Lopes wins Sophia Award for “Best Fiction Short Film”

Short film “Moço” won the award this Sunday, September 19

Bernardo Lopes, young director from Quarteira

Bernardo Lopes, a young director from Quarteira, won the Sophia award from Portuguese Academy of Cinema, in the category “Best Fiction Short Film” with his work “Moço”. The award ceremony took place this Sunday night, September 19, at Casino Estoril.

After last year, to have won the revelation prize at the XXVI Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português, the short film by Bernardo Lopes, recorded between Alte and Salir, in Loulé, won the Sophia awards, known as the “Portuguese Oscars”.

In handing over the award, Bernardo Lopes began by thanking the Algarve, «the place where I grew up», the Loulé municipality and the Loulé Film Office, «who made this film possible».

The young director took the stage with the technical team of the winning work because «the film was not made by one person, but by many», having ended up thanking his «film family».

As competitors, the Algarve had works such as “Adeus Senhor António” (by Júlia Buisel), “A Margem” (by Rodrigo Tavares) and “NHA MILA” (by Denise Fernandes).

The short film's cast includes Tomás Andrade, Carloto Cotta, Marcela Jacobina, Mafalda Marafusta and José Pimentão, in a work that tells the story of a boy who, at an early stage of his adolescence, decides not to return home due to the absence of father and mother's unhappiness.

Produced by Fado Filmes and Promenade Films, the short film “Moço”, which has the Algarve as a backdrop, had the support of the Loulé Film Office and the Municipality of Loulé, and is now being distributed by the Spanish Mailuki Films.

The Sophia Awards recognize, annually, the best that is done in cinematographic production at a national level, having been created in 2012 by the Portuguese Academy of Cinema.


Short film “Moço”, by Bernardo Lopes