PSD demands removal of candidate from PS lists for homophobic comment about Luís Gomes

The author of the comment admitted the error and assumes responsibility for it

An insulting and homophobic comment on the social network Facebook, made by a candidate from the PS lists to the head of the PSD list for the Vila Real de Santo António City Council, Luís Gomes, sparked controversy in the last hours in the race for local elections in the county .

In a comment to a post on the social network Facebook, Paulo Karussa, candidate on the PS lists for the Vila Real de Santo António Chamber, refers to Luís Gomes, PSD list head to the same local authority, as a “crasser”, who “never gave me anything nor asked for it”.

Below, Paulo Karussa again refers to the PSD candidate using the same slang term, “crawler”, adding that “this guy doesn't even deserve the bread he eats”.


Commentary by Paulo Karussa


In a statement, the social democrats from Vila Real went public this Tuesday to "vehemently repudiate this homophobic attitude", considering that the offenses "attack against the good name of candidate Luís Gomes and undermine the democratic values ​​of equality and tolerance that the PSD defends and has always defended».

They also refer that "homophobia is a serious crime and must be reported to the competent authorities, in order to hold the perpetrators accountable and defend the freedoms and guarantees of a democratic rule of law."

Therefore, the Social Democrats "demand the Socialist Party candidacy, led by Álvaro Araújo, a public position on this attitude and the immediate removal of the author of this crime from their lists for the next municipal elections."

Paulo Karussa, author of the comment in question, has already commented on his personal Facebook page, acknowledging that "this time I exceeded myself". “I regret what happened”, so “I assume the responsibility for it alone”, he says.


Posted by Paulo Karussa, on his personal Facebook page, regretting the comment


The candidate from the Socialist Party lists adds that "this comment does not represent the democratic conduct of the candidacy that I defend and will continue to defend", concluding that this "is an act practiced by me and for which I respond alone".

Until now, neither the socialist candidate Álvaro Araújo, nor the PS of Vila Real de Santo António, have reacted to this issue.

Luís Gomes, who has already been president of the Chamber of VRSA, also elected by the PSD, for three consecutive terms, between 2005 and 2017, decided to dedicate himself to a career in singer and composer of reggaeton style songs, when he abandoned his municipal functions. Although he maintains this parallel career, he is also a professor at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Algarve.