Proinvest – The importance of secrecy

Confidentiality is key to success

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A Proinvest is specialized in the mediation of purchase and sale of businesses and hotel units, with a differentiating approach in the mediation sector, which allows us to add greater value to customers who come to us.

We act with total confidentiality during all processes, from beginning to end, and we believe that confidentiality is the key factor for success and what sets us apart from other real estate companies.

In this sector, we are often faced with customers looking for a reliable partner, but with a lot of difficulty in trusting. This is not surprising, considering the numerous situations that arise from businesses that are harmed by the incorrect treatment of the data provided, namely the public disclosure of these on online platforms, without the owners' authorization or the existence of a previously signed mediation contract.

When confidentiality is somehow broken in the mediation process, it has consequences for companies and often hurts potential investors, who retreat at an advanced stage of the process.

As such, it is essential that there is a differentiation in the way mediation processes are handled in the housing sector and in the business sector, requiring specific and continuous training to ensure the effectiveness of the services we provide.