Algarve Regional Architecture Prize awarded at the Portimão Museum

On the same occasion, the exhibition will be inaugurated with the works in the competition

The awards for the 1st edition of the Algarve Regional Architecture Award will be delivered on 4 October, World Architecture Day, at 15 pm, at the Municipal Museum of Portimão.

On the same occasion, the exhibition of the works submitted to the competition will be inaugurated.

This award was launched about a year ago by the Algarve regional section of the Ordem dos Arquitectos (OA), shortly after the formal constitution of the Regional Directive Council, which took place on 16 July 2020.

«The direction of this Council began its activity with the creation of several projects, with the Regional Architecture Award of the Algarve being one of the most relevant. It is a unique instrument, which, on the one hand, dignifies the profession and its author and, on the other, shows society the architectural reality of this region», describes Luís Matos, president of this body.

In the first year, there were "more than three dozen" of applications, of which 25 works were approved, those that will be on display.

“We highlight the candidacy of Architect Souto de Moura (Pritzker Prize – the Nobel Prize for Architecture) with a project of his authorship built in the Algarve”, says the same person in charge.

The Regional Architecture Award consists of the attribution of an annual prize to the best proposal presented by its author on a building that has already been built, in each of the proposed categories.

The objective of the award «is to promote and encourage architectural quality, the dignification of the urban image and the enhancement and safeguarding of the Algarve's heritage, defending the quality of contemporary interventions and raising awareness among citizens to recognize the value of architecture and the architect».

This event will be broadcast live on Facebook page of the Algarve regional section of OA.