Lagoa dedicates a workshop to nocturnal moths and butterflies at Sítio das Fontes

Traps will be set to capture specimens of these insects

A nocturnal moths and butterflies workshop will present these insects, their characteristics and the great variety of existing species, tomorrow, the 15th, at 21 pm, in the amphitheater of the Municipal Park of Sítio das Fontes, in Lagoa.

The Portuguese Society of Ecology (Speco) and the A Rocha association joined together to promote this workshop, on the occasion of the Ecology Day commemorations, with the objective of «introducing the nocturnal lepidopterans of our fauna», training participants «with knowledge about the biology and identification of different species and their conservation», according to Câmara de Lagoa.

During the workshop, «the capture of nocturnal butterflies will be carried out, using their own traps, and their subsequent identification using appropriate guides for this purpose».

The action is aimed at families, students, teachers, professionals linked to the field of Environment and the general public.

Interested parties must register by filling out the form. available at this link.



21:00 – Placement of traps to capture nocturnal butterflies and explanation of how they work.

21:15 pm – General aspects of the Biology and Ecology of nocturnal butterflies; curiosities. Brief explanation of this group of insects and their importance in ecosystems; anatomy, physiology and aspects related to reproduction and life cycle; curiosities.

22:00 to 22:30 – Checking the traps. Collection of the captured butterflies.

22:30 to 23:00 – Identification of captured specimens using appropriate guides. Final questions and remarks.