Researchers reveal what they do in the Algarve and Alentejo on the night dedicated to them

Ephemeris is celebrated this Friday, September 24th

Activity of the Ciência Viva Center of Faro

Guided tours, tours, lectures, awareness-raising activities and even music and tastings are some of the proposals of the Ciência Viva Centers in Faro, Tavira and Lagos to mark the “European Researchers' Night”, which is celebrated this Friday, 24th of September. Also in Alentejo, the University of Évora and the Ciência Viva Centers of Estremoz and Lousal join the celebrations.

The “European Researchers' Night”, an initiative promoted and financed by the European Commission, within the scope of the Marie Curie Actions, aims to bring scientists closer to the rest of society, through activities such as demonstrations, lectures, workshops, science cafes or guided tours.

This year's edition comes with the acronym REGGAE (Researchers for European Green Growth and Education) and will be an opportunity for participants to enjoy a variety of events online and in person whose thematic is centered on the environment and sustainability, in particular on the themes of the European Ecological Pact.

Em FARO, the Living Science Center of Faro will carry out this Thursday, 23 September, a guided tour of the agro-digital exploration “Mar e Guerra”, in Patacão (Faro), scheduled for 14:00, to learn about the “HIBA – Hub IBeria Agrotech” project.

The initiative will lead the 15 selected participants to discover the project that supports the digitization of agribusinesses through entrepreneurship, digital innovation and experimentation, requiring the enrollment.

Also on this day, the University of Algarve (UAlg) will receive a guided tour of the Clinical Simulation Centre, where participants will get to know the “UAlg Tech Health” project.

The sessions, scheduled for 17:00 pm and 18:00 pm, will be conducted by the researcher Isabel Palmeirim, in a free visit limited to 12 participants per session, upon enrollment.

On the following day, 24th of September, the Ciência Viva Centers of Faro and Tavira will promote educational activities at the Mar Shopping mall, between 10 am and 00 pm, with the aim of participants getting to know the work of the scientists.

The initiatives aim to alert citizens to the dangers of climate change and raise awareness of more sustainable lifestyle alternatives.

The activities will include researchers from the Marine Science Center (CCMAR), Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development, Marine and Environmental Research Center (CIMA), Olhão Pilot Station for Fish Farming (EPPO Olhão), Research Center in Archeology and Evolution of Human Behavior (ICArEHB) and Collaborative Laboratory and the Association for a Sustainable and Smart Aquaculture in Faro (S2AQUAcoLAB).

On the same day, at 18 pm, at the Centro Ciência Viva de Faro, the “Conversations with the Future: Citizen Science #CoFoE” will present examples of European projects and their importance.

This session will be attended by Joana Andrade (SPEA – Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds), João Tiago Tavares (regional eBird reviewer) and Cristina Veiga Pires (CIMA – Center for Marine and Environmental Research).

The initiative, co-organized with the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission and EuropeDirect, will be free of charge. form.


Participants of “Routes that Count” will tour Vila Adentro in Faro


The Living Science Center of Faro it will also be the starting point for the “Routes that Count”, starting at 19:30. The initiative invites each citizen to visit, with a new look, Vila Adentro in the city of Faro.

In the various activities in the Algarve capital, which celebrate the “European Researchers' Night”, there will be no lack of the seventh art, with an open-air cinema session, accompanied by a conversation, to take place at Fábrica da Cerveja at 21 pm.

Registration is free, and it is necessary to complete this form.

Already in LAGOS, the local Ciência Viva Center will have awareness activities on September 24th, starting at 18 pm, as well as a concert by Naomi & The Raposeira Dub Collective (Reggae, with a touch of soul, dub, ska and indie), at 00:19 pm , which will be interspersed with conversations with researchers, in the gardens.

Guest speakers are Helena Freitas, Maria Palma Mateus, Manuela David, Milene Matos, Nita Barroca and Davide Gamboa.

There will also be a tasting of organic wines from Monte da Casteleja (Lagos) and a sustainable menu with local products.

Em TAVIRA, The local Ciência Viva Center will also visit the Tavirense Molluscculture Experimental Station, on September 24, at 9:00 am, in which participants will discover the research work carried out at this IPMA pole.

In the afternoon, between 14 pm and 30 pm, the Gran-Plaza Tavira shopping center will have activities so that young people can discover the importance of the Roman occupation and the old town of Balsa.

The initiative, co-organized with the University of Algarve, will also make known the methods used in the archaeological investigation of this project.

Across the Alentejo, there will also be several initiatives to celebrate the “European Researchers' Night”.

Em ÉVORA, the initiatives will focus on Praça do Giraldo, as well as the projection of videos at Associação Comercial, conversations with science at Adega Ervideira or the discovery of nocturnal fauna at Herdade da Mitra.

There will also be a debate in the conference room of Palácio D. Manuel, at 21 pm, starting from the question “To what extent the action of Man has altered the natural balance of our planet in such an intense and lasting way that we will have entered a new geological era… the Anthropocene…?”.

Organized by the University of Évora (UÉ), the initiative will include the participation of Miguel Miranda, geophysicist and director of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), Aida Carvalho, director of the Vale do Côa Archaeological Park, Rui Salgado, António Mira and Rui Dias, professors of the Physics, Biology and Geosciences departments at UÉ, respectively.

in all will be 23 the initiatives taking place in Évora, aimed at all age groups, which will be coordinated by the UÉ and which will have the support of 70 researchers and volunteers.

No CHALKBOARD, more precisely in the old mine in the municipality of Grândola, the Ciência Viva Center in this town will organize a session online on the “Geomorphological Restoration in Mining Areas”, at 21 pm, within the scope of the “Mina de Ciência” project.

The speaker for the session will be José F. Martín Duque, from the Complutense University of Madrid. website.


In Estremoz, the activities will take place at the local Ciência Viva Center


Em TREMOZ, all the initiatives will take place at the local Ciência Viva Centre, with the first scheduled for 10:00 am, with the session “Why are plants different?”. At 11:00 am, an experimental outdoor activity with pedal vehicles will take place, carried out in partnership with PSP.

At 12:00 pm, the session “Plants also get sick” will take place and, at 14:00 pm, a reading activity will begin “Tales, legends and other science legends”, which will have, simultaneously, laboratory activities.

Also at 14 pm, there will be a small interactive presentation that will demonstrate how researchers can be more sustainable in their laboratories.

As initiatives in Estremoz will end at 18:30 pm, with the session “Evolution; See Gift!?! Unsustainable Sustainability”.

At national level, there will also be other initiatives that can be consulted. here.