Irish Stories Don't Have Happy Endings

The Portugal team burned the good name of football, with another poor performance, where the long-awaited goal record for Cristiano Ronaldo was saved

Photo from the Portuguese Football Team Official Page on Facebook


"Irish stories don't have happy endings." It's not me who say it, but Brad Pitt, through the character he plays in the movie “Perigo Intimo”. It seems to me an adequate sentence, and above all fair, in the poetic sense of the thing, since the Republic of Ireland team, defeated at the last minute, learned yesterday what Proust meant by the search for lost time, especially after they burned it from the kickoff of the game.

Portugal's national team burned the good name of football, with another poor performance, which saved the long-awaited goal record for Cristiano Ronaldo and, of course, the celebration of the end of August in the Algarve!

Returning to the stadiums with the public, after the pandemic hardships – albeit cautiously – is something of value. But this is all well and good, and so, to see our team play the day after the transfer period closes, it turns out to be embarrassing, as the possibility that the coach's options are a kind of Lidl Tip of the Week applied is blurred. to the football market, all that remains is the reality of Fernando Santos really believing in the options he takes…

Rui Patrício
The price of carob is at historic highs. Instead of spending an hour and a half watching a bad football game, making two saves and fetching a ball from the back of the bag, Rui Patrício, with his leather, could have gone to help with what's left of the catch. of that regional ex-libris.

João Cancelo
On a night in which he combined the excellence of David Beckham's fashion crosses with the oil from Nel Monteiro's hairstyle, João Cancelo used and abused the feeling that soon took root in him that, wanting to, he would do whatever he wanted with the Irish left side.

Rúben Days
Being named English Footballer of the Year by the association of football journalists in England and UEFA's best defense last season certainly fueled some dreams in the young Portuguese centre-back. Having to participate in a game like this was certainly not one of them.

Clearly thrilled to be able to share the field with players even more infamous than himself as far as bar brawling skills are concerned, Pepe was generous, handing balls to the opponent as if distributing paints of beer in a happy hour of Oura.

Raphael Guerreiro
The left-back of our National Team, totally in line with what he had done at the last European Championship, today fed the dreams of Sporting fans, renewing the hope that this is the level he will present in the Champions League games, with Borussia Dortmund .

Fortunately, the transfer market is already closed, otherwise several clubs – night clubs – in Albufeira would be currently flooding the Palhinha agent's phone with proposals for a doorman, such was not the respect they were able to impose on a group of Irish clearly they were looking to cause trouble on an Algarve night.

Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes, in Fernando Santos' tactical maneuver, appears like those humorous uncles Camilo de Oliveira at family weddings: they are there for the sake of social convenience. But they are always in tricky places, and with thankless tasks, such as catching that late-night snitch that unlocks their tongues and allows them to get to know the rotten family. In this case, the painstaking education of high school was noted, which was moderated and limited to taking the opportunity to rehearse the partnership that will establish with Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United. Especially at the level of discussions about the marking of set pieces.

Bernardo Silva
In a game where it wasn't clear whether his hyperactivity was due to his commitment to the game or the fear that one of those Irish big guys might catch him, his technical cut impressed once again, as did his ability to interpret the game. . The best example of this was the cigar for the clouds that, at one point, hit the ball in midfield, perfectly reading the frustrated mood of the surrounding stands. Even alone, even dribbling himself when there was no one else to overtake, Bernardo did not stop fighting. Pity the imminent – ​​and deserved – goal that failed, kicking the ball into the sprouts towards the end of the game, but even that was probably deliberate, what a mise-en-scène to increase the dramatic charge that the grand finale would come to. provide.

The game sheet indicates that he started the game as a starter, playing the entire first part and leaving at half-time, giving way to André Silva. It's one of those things we know to be true but still have a hard time believing it.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Watching Cristiano Ronaldo play today, there are many moments when I see him as my partner, because, as often happens to him, plays are drawn in my head that the body simply no longer follows, resulting in something clearly different from imagined, and for the worse. But then there are moments like those two glorious headbutts, when he not only shows that he can still aspire to more than playing with other lame ones on Monday nights, but also that he's the best at the goal business. His name, written in gold letters at the top of the list of the best scorers ever for national teams, proves it.

Diogo Jota
Clearly happy to return to the stadium where he made his debut for the national team, Diogo Jota tried to share the feeling with as many fans as possible, running from one side to the other in an attempt to greet everyone. Had it not been for the opposing goalpost, he would have succeeded.

André Silva
The game sheet indicates that he entered at half-time, in place of Rafa. However, it's a stop at the Lost and Found in the stadium, to see if anyone found him after that.

Nuno mendes
Hoping to impress Fernando Santos and try to win the title from Raphael Guerreiro, he played as poorly as the colleague he replaced. Either that, or he's just thinking about playing Messi.

João Mario
João Mário entered the field confused, still thinking about how, after an entire season playing in great shape, becoming national champion for his club, he was removed from the coach's choices for the European and, after a holiday with barbecues washed down with mojitos… is summoned and plays. Come on and understand this game! Fortunately, he still regained his concentration, just in time to make the cross for the winning goal.

João Moutinho
Aware of how the Irish tend to be superstitious, and being himself an adept at giving fate to luck, Fernando Santos has launched our game. leprechaun. Had Moutinho come in with a jacket and a little green hat, it was time to see the opposing team looking for the pot of gold, at the end of the rainbow. So, it was just a replacement to satisfy the cliché that no one asked for, of putting an Algarvian player to play at Estádio Algarve, with little or nothing to add.

Gonçalo Guedes
Probably fed up with the easy joke of “get out of the way, Guedes”, Gonçalo decided to change the text, and be the one to take it all ahead. Having spent so much time watching the game from the sidelines, he went in with the will of any other supporter on the stand, imbued with the full conviction that it was unacceptable to be losing. And poof!, there was an assist for the equalizer, and great agitation wherever he went.


Author Gonçalo Duarte Gomes is a landscape architect with the mania that he knows a lot about football…and writes according to the previous Spelling Agreement