MEP from the Left Block visits Fontes de Estômbar and Alagoas Brancas

Presentation of BE candidate lists in Local Elections takes place during lunch

The MEP José Gusmão, elected by the Left Block, will travel this Saturday, 4 September, to the municipality of Lagoa, to visit, at 11:30 am, the municipal park of Sítio das Fontes de Estômbar, and, at 15 pm, the area damp of Alagoas Brancas.

In between, the MEP participates, at 12:30 pm, in a lunch at the Fatacil Restaurant, to present the BE's candidacy for the Municipal Elections, in Lagoa, and the respective lists.

The Blocists emphasize that, «this visit is intended to raise awareness of the environmental issues that exist in the municipality, in two places that
they consider them to be crucial for the future of Lagoa».