Dredging of Barra de Tavira and Quatro Águas starts next week

The desilting of the adjacent bar and channels is an old demand of the nautical community of Tavira

Photos: Rúben Bento | Sul Informação

The long-awaited dredging of the Tavira dam, the access channel to the Port of Tavira and Quatro Águas was finally awarded on 13 September and work will begin "next week".

The contract for the maintenance dredging of the Port of Tavira has an execution period of two months and «includes the dredging of 63.000 cubic meters of predominantly sandy sediments from the bar, inlet channel and interior area, which includes the Quatro area. Águas ea Doca de Recreio”, according to the Directorate-General for Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services (DGRM), the owner of the work.

"Already next week, the planned work will begin, first with a complete survey of bathymetry in the intervention areas, after which the dredging will take place sequentially in the various areas mentioned," added the same entity.

The sediments that are removed from the intervention zones will be replaced on the oceanic coast, «with most of these being placed in the littoral drift, feeding the beaches and combating coastal erosion».

This work represents a total investment of half a million euros, «coming entirely from the 2021 State Budget».

The dredging of the Tavira bar and adjacent canals is an old demand of the local fishing community, but also of the maritime-tourist vessels, which complain about the lack of working conditions and safety.

Over the past few years, the theme has been taken to the Assembly of the Republic by different parties, namely by the CFP e Left Block.

These parties, after contacts with the local community, denounced the “frequent” need to close the Tavira bar, preventing the departure of fishing boats, with the resulting losses for professionals in the sector.

Maritime-tourism companies are also harmed, "be it insofar as it endangers vessels, or, more seriously, in the safety of crews and passengers", in the words of the Left Block, in a question addressed to the Government, in beginning of 2019.

At that time, dredging was taking place in the River Gilão, launched at the end of 2018 by Docapesca and that made it possible to improve the channel's navigability and safety conditions, but also to install new access platforms to the pier, between the Ribeira Market and the Ponte dos Descobrimentos.

However, this intervention did not extend to the mouth of Gilão, nor did it focus on Quatro Águas and the bar, taking into account that the jurisdiction over this area belongs to the DGRM.

In 2018, it revealed to the Sul Informação the then mayor of Tavira, the preliminary studies for the dredging of the dam and adjacent areas would be underway.

it was necessary to wait until June 2021 to see the competition launched for the work and a few more months for it to advance in the field.

«This contract is another step in the fulfillment of the Multiannual Dredging Plan produced by DGRM in partnership with LNEC, towards the improvement of navigability conditions and accessibility to the port of Tavira», concluded the DGRM.