Castro Marim opens applications for scholarships in secondary and higher education

Applications can now be submitted

Castro Marim is accepting applications for scholarships for secondary and higher education until the end of October.

Interested parties must submit applications to the Social Action Office of the Municipality of Castro Marim. All information and documents to fill are available online.

Last academic year, «54 scholarships were awarded, totaling around 90 euros. For each secondary education student, 1000 euros are allocated annually and for higher education students, 2500 euros (variable value depending on the granting of the faculty scholarship)».

«After two particularly difficult years, in which many families are going through new and greater economic constraints resulting from measures to combat the pandemic, this is a fundamental support measure that allows young people residing in the municipality to continue their studies, despite their condition. economic and financial”, describes the Chamber of Castro Marim.

In addition to this measure, the municipality's support to the population, in the area of ​​education, also includes “free school passes for all students using EVA Transportes transport services, from the 5th year of schooling onwards, a deliberate measure this year. to be transposed into a regulation in preparation"-

«With more years of existence, there are other educational supports such as financing meals for all students in grades A and B of the 1st cycle, economic assistance for the purchase of school material from the 1st to the 3rd cycle of Basic Education (to obtain this support, guardians must present, in the social action service, a document attesting to their enrollment and grade) and the offer of card books to all students in the 1st cycle”, concludes the autarchy.