Luís Carito's candidacy criticizes opponents Isilda Gomes and Rui André

Luís Carito is the candidate of the “Portimão Mais Feliz” coalition for the Municipal Council

The “Happy Portimão” coalition, which has Luís Carito as a candidate for the City Council, accused Isilda Gomes of "giving up the defense of Portimão and of Portimão in the area of ​​health" and was surprised that Rui André, in an interview with RTP, "had spoken of his candidacy in a land where his last term is ending".

The candidacy led by the doctor Luís Carito, in a statement, accused the current president of the Chamber, who is re-candidate, the socialist Isilda Gomes, of "having given up the fight for the maintenance of health services for the people of Portimo", as well as "of all those who visit Portimão”, after having, in 2013, “lead demonstrations in defense of the maintenance of services at Hospital do Barlavento”.

The candidate argued that "the relocation of Portimão as the capital of the Western Algarve cannot be done without an autonomous and high-quality hospital, as it once was and should be again".

The “Portimão Mais Feliz” coalition added that, “surprisingly”, the mayor “will have accepted a non-executive position at the Centro Hospitalar e Universitário do Algarve (CHUA), becoming a supporter of the construction of the new Hospital Central do Algarve, which, in In practice, it will remove from Portimão the few services that still exist, transforming the Hospital do Barlavento into a kind of Health Center of greater dimensions and internment center».

This is "a change of position confirmed by the silence of Isilda Gomes in the face of the population's protests for the waiting time and the lack of health care in the hospital", stressed the candidacy, recalling that the mayor of Portimão "is constituted as a defendant by have been vaccinated against Covid-19' before your turn.

As for the PSD candidate for the Portimão Chamber, the “More Happy Portimão” coalition said, in a second statement, surprised that, in an interview with RTP, in Monchique, «Rui André had spoken of his candidacy in a land where he is finishing his last term of office of mayor, unlike his opponents in the next elections, who produced their statements in the city where they stand».

Luís Carito stressed that «Rui André, as a professional in politics, has to know that it is not enough to just want, but he has to know the realities of the municipality of Portimão».

«This municipality has a very different reality from Monchique. Portimão's problems cannot be seen from a point of view out of phase in time and space, nor can Rui André's experience serve as an example, believing in a work that he did not know how to carry out in the mountain council», said the candidacy in its communiqué.

The coalition “Portimão Mais Feliz” concludes, criticizing that “with this decision, the PSD demonstrates that it does not have its own solutions within its municipality, revealing its subservience to the district of Faro».

Remember that when he presented his candidacy, Luís Carito said count on the support of the PSD from Portimo., fact that came to be denied by the Party District and even at the national level.