Tents next to the Municipal Market of Portimão began to be demolished [with video]

Demolition will continue, in a phased manner and as the modular houses are installed

The first four tents located next to the Municipal Market of Portimão began to be demolished this morning, starting a process of relocating the 22 Roma families who have lived there for more than three decades and will temporarily occupy modular houses. located in the Vale da Arrancada area.

According to the Municipality of Portimão, in the coming weeks, the demolition process will continue, «in a phased manner and as the modular houses are installed, with water and electricity connections and the creation of the right conditions for the elements of each household they can move, while the tent where they live will be demolished immediately”.

A technical team from the local authority will monitor the process of resettlement and integration of families in their new temporary home on the ground, providing all the support in terms of training and monitoring in the management of the domestic economy, in a close relationship with these families, who will be later inserted in the community».


The demolition of the tents allows for the continuation of the work on the Mercado Verde Urban Park, which takes place next to the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Secondary School, Municipal Market and Voluntary Firefighters of Portimão, one of the city's nerve centers.

The Parque Urbano Verde do Mercado project, which began its first phase last April, with the demolition of the covered structure that existed there, enshrines the construction of an orderly car park in the south, with capacity for more than a hundred vehicles automobiles.

In the northern area, where the tents that have now started to be demolished are located, «an open-air amphitheater will be created, with green spaces, with the Manueline stonework of the former Quinta dos Morais being placed on display, along with the recovery of a daughter-in-law. Algarve».

This intervention represents the second stage of the project, ~«which suffered some delay due to the fact that the respective competition was deserted during the first launch».


Photos: Portimão City Council / Filipe da Palma