Algarvia Daniela Campos finishes in 41st elite time trial at the Road World Championship

The Portuguese was the youngest runner in the race

The Algarve's Daniela Campos finished 41st in the elite individual time trial of the World Road Championship held this Monday, September 20, in Belgium. 

The Portuguese, under-23 in the first year and the youngest runner in the race, participated in this 30,3 km race, between Knokke-Heist and Bruges, in Flanders.

«This Monday, the completely flat course had the wind as a differentiating factor, hitting frontally and laterally at various points along the route. Without ever having done a time trial with such a large extension, Daniela Campos chose to manage her strengths and sensations, in order to reach the end still with capacity», says the Portuguese Cycling Federation.

The strategy allowed the Algarve to gain some relative positions between the first intermediate point and the finish line, which it reached after 41 minutes, 52 seconds and 83 thousandths, which earned it the 41st position, at 5 minutes 47 seconds and 55 thousandths of the winner, the Dutch Ellen van Dijk, who completed the race in 36 minutes, 5 seconds and 28 thousandths.

The second place was the Swiss Marlen Reusser, 10,29 seconds, while the Dutch Annemiek van Vleuten closed the podium, with 24,02 seconds more than the winning compatriot.

"There's been a lot that I didn't suffer so much!", confessed Daniela Campos after this return to competition, which takes place after a forced stop for having contracted Covid-19.

“Within my physical abilities at the moment, the sensations were good. I tried to manage effort initially, taking into account the side and head winds, to have energy for the most difficult parts of the course and to keep some reserve for the finals. It was an important effort to know what level I'm at, but also to activate the body for the deep test. In this type of competition we always have something to learn. In this case, it was a time for learning to manage the effort and apply forces at the right times», explains Daniela Campos.

The national women's cycling selector Ana Rita Vigário highlights the fact that “Daniela is very perfect in technical terms, almost not being necessary to give any indication at this level”.

Tuesday will be the last day with Portuguese participation in the time trial of this World Cup. Gonçalo Tavares and António Morgado will be among the 79 participants in the junior time trial, which will link Knokke-Heist to Bruges, in a 22,3 km route. Tavares leaves at 14:07 pm, Morgado starts the race at 14:46:30 pm.

Like the rest of the individual exercises of this World Cup held in Flanders, the terrain is completely flat, and the race can be toughened, similarly to what happened today with the female elite, by the wind.