Still and always climate change

Is it necessary for the sky to fall on us?

Map provided by the IPCC and included in an article by Patrícia Carvalho, in Público

Each week that passes does not let us forget the threats that hang over us due to climate change. With an air of grace, I remember that the head of the Gallic village of Asterix feared the most was that the sky would fall on his head – it seems that now the sky is really collapsing on our heads and nobody notices!

It sounds a bit silly to be sending opinions when either the IPCC or so many researchers and scientists worldwide have been doing so regularly for many years, but I have always defended that active and moderately informed citizens should contribute to the generalization of information and the formation of public opinion – that's why I align with these considerations.

Extreme weather phenomena break up all over the planet, catastrophic fires are rising on all continents, one and the other already very close to us and without warning.

A few days ago, the Governor of New York warned that the solution to reduce tragedies like the one that befell his region will only emerge when, across the Planet, there is unanimity in the actions to be undertaken. Isolated voice!

“Zero”, citing IPCC transcripts, said: “The Mediterranean is one of the most vulnerable regions in the world to climate change, because there is a tendency to decrease annual precipitation, accumulated each year”.

It added: "Tens of millions of people will be affected by increased water scarcity, risks of coastal flooding and potentially deadly heat waves."

Over here, ignoring our Mediterranean condition, our Regional Directorate of Agriculture, certainly following the national orientation, continues to encourage an “indispensable” crop for our food survival, avocados, instead of food crops, which we will continue to import.

It will be necessary for the sky to fall on us to see, from the Government, the medium and long-term measures for the primary sector, which are slow in coming, and, from public opinion, the generalized revolt, because with gentle words it will not go away. there.


Author Fernando Santos Pessoa is a forestry engineer and landscape architect…and writes with the previous spelling.