Loulé will have “interMEDio” with Clã, Buba Espinho and Virgo Suta

Festival marks the return of musical entertainment to southern Portugal and the city of Loulé

Virgen Suta, Buba Espinho, Nuno Guerreiro, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Quinta do Bill or the Clã are some of the highlights of the interMEDio Festival, which will take place from 23 to 29 August, in an intermediate and limited edition event that will mark «the return of musical animation focused on world music in southern Portugal and the city of Loulé». 

«Firsts in our country, some returns to Loulé, special concerts based on orders from the organization, partnerships and many surprises from some of the protagonists» are some of the concerts that may be included in this unique edition of interMEDio, says the City Council of Loulé in a note sent to the newsrooms.

But it is above all "the diversity and creativity of the sounds present that constitute the trump card of this poster", he adds.

Every day, two concerts will take place on Palco Cerca: one will be by a Portuguese artist, while the other will have the international stamp.

The festival kicks off on August 23 with the Portuguese Virgin Suta, who return to Loulé «to treat the public with their intense themes and their refined humor and good mood, in the Alentejo way».

It is no coincidence that «this is one of the bands that best represents the current generation of pop-rock sung in Portuguese», refers the municipality.

Tonight, the Mexicans Kumbia Boruka will set foot on a Portuguese stage for the first time, bringing “a new look to the classic cumbias of the 60s, mixing them with influences from reggae, dub, African music and psychedelic guitars”. But the Peruvian cumbia, called chicha, is also not forgotten and the result is a hybrid cumbia – nueva cumbia – with an explosive Latin energy.

On the second day of interMEDio, August 24th, the night begins with the voice of Buba Espinho, a young singer from Alentejo who brings with him the legacy of several generations of traditional Portuguese music.

Born in Beja, «from an early age he has lived and felt music from the ground up intensely, through the hand of his father, also a musician, who transmitted to him the important mission of preserving it. The relationship between two intangible cultural heritages of humanity, Cante Alentejano and Fado, is felt when we listen to it», highlights the Câmara de Loulé.


Buba thorn


On this day, Loulé will also witness the return of the Ukrainians DakhaBrakha, a project created in 2004 by Vladyslav Troitskyi that began by focusing on Ukrainian folk music, but evolved into rhythms and sounds from around the world.

They are known today for the immense variety of traditional instruments they use and which play the main role in the band's compositions.

After taking the stage at the MED Festival in 2013, Sílvia Pérez Cruz will present her new work on the 25th.

The Catalan artist represents a generation of female singers who have impressed the international music market and, at this moment, is one of the most cherished artists by the public and critics in Spain. This time she presents herself accompanied by her band.

At the end of the night, «the lusophony will be highlighted in a concert born from an order for the intermedio» and which will bring together two distinct musical environments on stage: the urban sounds of the suburbs of Greater Lisbon by the voice of Tristany, «that transports a reality experienced in the first person in these marginal spaces”, and politically engaged African music starring Prétu (formerly Chullage), “from which he takes samples and joins dub programming with batuku, kilapanga, hip hop or grime”, explains the municipality of Loulé.

Nuno Guerreiro will be heard in his hometown on August 26th. The vocalist of “Ala dos Namorados” has been investing in a solo career for over 25 years and it is in this condition that he returns to the stage, with “Na horacerto”, «a record that is a dive into itself and will have its absolute debut in Loulé», explains the municipality.


Nuno Guerreiro is the vocalist of “Ala dos Namorados”


The second concert of the night also brings Portuguese music with Moulinex, the alter ego of Portuguese producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Luís Clara Gomes, in which, from melancholy contemplations on electronics to the most exuberant house and disco, «his work has reaped praise globally, both by the public and critics, especially since he began to incorporate elements of world music in his music».

The Clã "may seem, from the outset, a surprise on the poster of interMEDio and are even as they promise to bring to Loulé a spectacle completely different from what its faithful followers are used to", stresses the Municipality of Loulé.

Manuela Azevedo and her companions will open the night of 27th August and show that «they are much more than a pop-rock band and that they can move in other registers and other musical dynamics where various sounds fit, even because the stage is the natural element where the band finds rigor, irreverence and energy, recognized for the excellence of their live performances».

On this day, Angolan Paulo Flores, one of the artists who was part of the pioneering movement of kizomba, takes the stage for another unforgettable moment for the African community living in the Algarve.

The singer appears “in a successful mixture of African, Caribbean, Brazilian and Afro-Cuban influences” and is considered “The poet of the people” because “he is a storyteller and narratives that are faithful custodians of contemporary Angolan identity”, he explains.

On the penultimate day of the Festival, 28, the French-Algerians Tiwiza opens the hosts in an absolute debut on national soil full of percussion rhythms, chaabi riffs and desert blues, wrapped in powerful arrangements and engaging lyrics, all with a rock'n' spirit roll.

The band delivers popular music deeply rooted in African soil while fusing tradition and modernity in a natural way. Its message, conveyed in 3 languages, is that of an ancestry that proclaims its thirst for freedom and right to exist; in the struggle for survival, Tiwiza extends her critique of injustice around the world.

In another order, Quinta do Bill from Tomar invite Kátia Guerreiro, Rita Redshoes and Pedro de Castro to come together on stage «for a moment that will be unique».

With more than 30 years of career and a set of unique songs, the band is «arguably the greatest Portuguese folk rock band», in a work that mixes «the emotion of ballads with the contagious energy of folk and rock». With the motto “make every concert a big party”, the band is known precisely for unforgettable performances, which linger in the memory of those who see them live.

Finally, on August 29, Festival interMEDio presents the Brazilian singer-songwriter Luca Argel, who immigrated to Portugal in 2012 to study, and stayed here. Carioca based in Porto, he is the vocalist and composer of the groups Samba Sem Fronteiras and Orquestra Bamba Social, with whom he shares the joy of spreading the sound and poetry of Brazilian music in Portugal.

A musician with samba running through his veins, his fourth solo album “Samba de Guerrilha”, released in February, is a good example of that.


Luca Algiers


And of course, the closing of the InterMEDio Festival takes place at a party and to the sound of Fogo Fogo, the band that was present at the Festival MED 2019, at Cineteatro Louletano.

The project by Francisco Rebelo (bass), João Gomes (keys), Márcio Silva (drums), Danilo Lopes and David Pessoa (voices/guitar) has stirred up Lisbon's dance floors with uncontrollable energy. The musicians involved are «ultra-experienced, profound knowledge of multiples grooves African-inspired and throw themselves into funanás and African party music as if 1987 had been the day before yesterday», states the Loulé local authority.

And in this context «they assume the most primordial of missions: to make them dance without tricks, just with the energy of bpms charged, with drums and bass in permanent skidding and sounds inspired by the “harmonica” (the concertina) commanding the melodic identity».

Tickets will go on sale from Thursday, August 12th, online and at Cineteatro Louletano, costing 7 euros a daily ticket. A limited number of weekly tickets will also be available at a cost of 40 euros each.

The enclosure's doors open at 20:30 pm and concerts take place at 21:30 pm and 23:30 pm, respectively, only on Palco Cerca.

The Festival is governed by compliance with the rules and recommendations issued by the General Directorate of Health regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, namely the mandatory use of masks and social distance, with all seats being seated. Capacity is limited and all seats are seated.

All information about the event available on the Facebook of the Festival.