IPDJ Algarve celebrates International Youth Day with workshops and the end of “Música JA”

Celebrations will take place throughout this Thursday, August 12th

Music JA 2019 – Photo: Archive

The International Youth Day, celebrated on August 12th, will also be celebrated by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ) of the Algarve with several initiatives, including awareness raising actions, workshops, a get-together or the final of the “Música JA 2021” contest.

«Declared in 1999 as International Youth Day, following a recommendation resulting from the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth, which took place in Portugal, in 1998», the 12th of August has since been celebrated worldwide in order to mark « the transforming potential of youth in society and in social, economic and environmental sustainability», says the IPDJ Algarve.

Given "the catalytic impact of youth in the various areas of society", an annual theme is defined on which the contributions of youth to a fairer, more balanced and more equitable intergenerational world should be reflected in society in general. , being this year's theme “Transforming Food Systems”.

This 12th of August, at 10:00 am, the workshop “Creative Savings | Peanuts Lifestyle by Joana Jesus” at Associação ArQuente, in Faro, being the limited registrations.

At 11:00 am, the workshop on “Zero Waste | Green Vibe” given by Marta Chan in the IPDJ Algarve building, and these are also limited registrations.

On the same day, at 18 pm, a “Tertúlia with Inspiring Youths” will take place in the Municipal Auditorium of Lagos.

It will feature the participation of Joana Jesus, "who will share her lifestyle by creating a page on social media, in which she will talk about her savings habits and her outlook on life," Marta Chan, "who for nearly two years decided to create the “Green Vibe” movement in order to sensitize the community to the problem of plastic and waste in general on our planet”, and Diogo Rodrigues, president of Associação Juvenil AGarra, “a young entrepreneur with strong experience in associativism”, explains the IPDJ Algarve.

As inscriptions are already open, this being a partnership between the municipality of Lagos and Associação Juvenil AGarra.

To end the International Youth Day celebrations, the IPDJ Algarve will hold the final of the modern music contest “MÚSICA JA 2021”, at 21 pm, at FATACIL's premises in Lagoa. This event will feature the performance of Catalina, winner of the 30nd edition of the competition, in 2.